Monday, March 26, 2012

Dum doo di dum, and a La di da for good measure.

Here's something I like to do when I'm angry.


I'll write it all out. Like I'm writing a letter to the person I'm angry at.
What this usually does is, it makes me:
1. Organize my thoughts.
2. Get down to the root of my anger.
3. Make sense of it all.
4. Decide whether it's worth getting angry about.
5. Realize I shouldn't be mad, really.

It really does help me though.
However I do not actually write, as they did when mullets were in.
I write online.
Here, especially.

I can't tell you how many times I've typed out never-ending posts consisting of unattractive rants that made me realize, that I was being a spoilt brat, or an inconsiderate piece of flotsam of the sewage kind. (I do not know, whether that last sentence makes sense to you, neither do I know if it is grammatically correct. It just sounds cool, teehe)

Comparatively, I actually would rather write than type. However, seeing how often I'm on the Macster, might as well give the old keyboard some exercise ;)
I actually should start writing in a Journal again. Though I doubt any of my daily doings will be of any historical value later on in the unforeseen feeyutchah!

But, you never know, perhaps they will be looking for a detailed account of a mediocre human being's life.And you never know, that mediocre human being could be me.

Perhaps the only journals they manage to recover from times in the past (which is now,when you're reading this, but will be past, in their time) were ostentatious and extravagantly flamboyant accounts of the luxurious life, all written in protected journals, buried underground in disaster proof time capsules, so that their precious life stories would not be touched by the decaying fingers of time, and the potentially deathly touch of man.

Maybe all they'll want, is to find a person, who lived each day, like a normal person would, and wrote it all out, not expecting any sort of historical recognition, but secretly wishing for it, though this person would never live to see the day even if it did happen.

Trouble is, a journal is supposed to be private, non?
I guess that's the last thing you'd be worried about though, since you'd be dead by the time it meant something to anyone.

I have millions (okay, yes I'm exaggerating, damnit how do you always know?!) of notebooks, that had initially been bought for serving the purpose of being the medium through which I pour my heart and soul out. However, they have ended up being one of two things:
1. Display items.
2. Doodle books.

Never journals.
I started finding them cheesy when I was around 16? So I haven't wrote since.

Recently I watched The Vow.

So the couple finds themselves unfortunately involved in an accident, and the woman loses her mind, I mean, memory. Haha.
She wakes up, doesn't remember a thing since going to law school, which she dropped out of to go to art school, after which she then got married to her super hot husband, who she now cannot recall ever meeting.

*Just as a little comical yet slightly true note, if I opened my eyes to see Channing Tatum's face hovering above mine telling me he's my husband, I'd just say, yes. HAHAHAHA*

So the husband tries to help his wife remember that she loves him. And one question she asked was,
"Did I keep a journal?"

And at that moment, I was like, oh my God, I have to start keeping a journal again. What if I suffer from memory loss one day, not so violently however. Say Alzheimer's like in the Notebook. The disease just eating away at my memories like Meeko eating john smith's biscuits. Auww, Meeko :D

But then again, what if I can't remember what my own handwriting looks like, then I wouldn't be able to recognize who's journal it is and seeing as I'll be a senescence stricken old lady, deny that it's mine. Thus, defeating the purpose of my wanting to keep a journal in the first place.

As senile as I'd theoretically be, it wouldn't be as bad as the above picture. HAH.

This was nice.
I haven't actually updated in a long time. Haven't had any ideas.
This was fun :D hahaa.

Tchuss! ;)

love, the potential historically significant mediocre earthling.

* all images were obtained through google search! :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Excited, really?


I know I'm only excited to go back to class because I can use my new stationery.

Give it a week or two, and I'll be prying my face off my desk in class. Teehee, nah, I never sleep in class really, scouts honour ! :)

I'm pretty psyched to begin again.
I love university because of this.
You get to begin again. Nothing is ever carried on from the last semester.
Well, except your pointer, HAHA.
But I'm talking about the subjects.

Alhamdulillah, my results last semester have left me satisfied enough, as I know they were alright, considering my struggles with some subjects.
Could I have gotten better results? Of course, no doubt. But, I'm honestly happy.

I'm looking forward to a certain lecturer that might be teaching us this semester, I really hope this lecturer does teach us as he seems amazing! Funny and just, fun. Plain old good fun.

All in all, it's a new semester, and I'm pretty stoked about it right now!

This blog really needs some rejuvenation !
Will try to post more, what's the word.... necessary.
Will try to post more necessary and significant, there you go, necessary and significant things.


Of rabbit toes that twinkle.

Dedicated to Bitbit Twinkletoes.

Though you were a surprise, an unexpected gift to my dear friend Aisyah Nasaruddin,
And though I had only seen you thrice,
This did not mean you were not thought of as cute, fluffy and a good big old bunny.

You were taken good care of,
and nature simply played its role.

Byebye bitbit.

Aisyah, stay strong! :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Dumbo.

Ich liebe dich.

Und du know who du bist.


Orientation week wouldn't have been awesome without you.

Torn to pieces.

And scattered around the world.

Well, actually, just scattered in egypt and malaysia.
For now.

To Sarah,
I'll miss having you around!
After this it's back to virtual hugs!

Love love love love you.