Monday, December 20, 2010

Buat Ayesha.


Ayesha finished SPM! woot woot!

:) SO happy for youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
Aku pulak yang excited lebih. haha.

Now, you go and get your diriving license and drive me around pulak ahh! :D

We shall conquer the world !!!! :D (One step at a time, beginning next April, eh? )

Have a great great great great great holiday you!
Don't get bored because you're never going to get a holiday like this in long time.

We shall spend enormous amounts of time together once my exams end! Promise! :D

I wish I had 5 months of nothing again.

Don't tell me you former form fivers wouldn't like some of that right now??

Yeah, thought as much. ;)


Saturday, December 18, 2010



Ready to write. Haha.

Semester 2, KMS, Banting.


Hell. Hell. Hell.

Okay I am exaggerating, yes, but if you do read my blog, you'll notice I do that alot :)

I swear, if university life is like this, I might lose my mind.

Lemme break it down for you.

Chemistry tutorial.

Taklimat UPU.

Chemistry Presentation and lab report submission, and English Research Chapter 1 submission and Math Tutorial

Biology presentation, Agama presentation,Chemistry quiz, Taklimat Markah Koko, Taklimat UPU.

English research chapter 3 and research material work, Math quiz.

Now you see, the freest day was Tuesday, mainly because all I had to do was attend lectures and listen to a talk about UPU. But the rest of the week, My goooodddnessssss. Crazy man, crazy.
I easily used about eight mahjong papers for presentations this week. This was probably the first time the Macster has been up and working so long as well.

Poor little Macster, having to withstand heat outside, then the extreme coldness of lectures, then back to lukewarm-ity. But he's aite, he's holding up just fine aren't you Macster? HE'S AWESOMEEEEEE because he won't get any viruses. There's this virus going around in KMS which turns all of your files in your thumb drive to shortcuts. This virus is a particular favourite when you're in desperate need to print your product promotion brochure that you're supposed to hand out tomorrow and all the thousands of files on your 320GB external hard drive are turned into shortcuts and cannot be accessed. Beautiful moment that was for me. NOT. Crazy virus. At that point, I was running back and forth from the computer room in one of the girls' blocks to the bookstore trying to figure it out. Finally did, though we had to settle for photostatted brochures that had crease lines from the original copy, copied along with it. Beggars can't be choosers. But Mr Mac. He's great. All my files work good, no virus. Non-living saviour of mine. I don't mean to brag or gloat about him, absolutely not. I am just telling you how it's been something that is functioning smoothly without any problems when everything around it is chaotic. I know I'm talking about a laptop here, haha but wahtever, it's cool :)

I have mid semester exams coming up in less than a month. Time is flying all over the place, and it's so difficult to catch up to it.
Its Monday. Click. Tuesday. Click. Friday. And I don't know how Im supposed to set time aside to study. But, I must say, I still am setting time aside, and Im doing the best I can, and InshaAllah, I will succeed :)

I don't know why, but the highlight of my week was this:
I followed my friend to the lecturer's cubicles and passed a Biology lecturer's cubicle (not my lecturer, but one that everyone says is good). He has an orang utan soft toy (its huge) sitting majestically on other soft toys in the back left corner of his cubicle and two terrariums and many quotes stuck on the right side of his cubicle wall. There's this one piece of paper, it's just so adorable and awesome, I thought. And I have no idea why I enjoyed it so much but I felt, "this is what a teacher should be like; fun and knowledgeable."
Wanna know what it said?

Biology Teacher by day.
Deadly Ninja by night.

It was awesome.

Okay. That was my life this past week. How are you ? :D

I shall now proceed with the soppy mushy part of my post this fine evening.

I miss my girls.
Really I do.

Guess who ? :)

I miss Sarah's infectious laugh. Her huge smiles. Her great hugs. Her BR obsession. I miss my tuition partner. I miss my walking home partner. I miss my workout partner. I miss YOUU :( I really wish I could fly you back here or fly out there or something. I know I haven't been talking to you as much as I'd like to admit, but just know I alwayssss think of you and alwaysss miss you cuppy. :) I love Sarah.

I miss Aisyah's smell (she always smells nice). Ironic thing is, her house is only 2 minutes away from me right now, and I don't know where she is or what she's doing. I miss having photo shoots with her, laughing about dumb stuff. Talking about anything that comes to mind. Eating chocolate with her. I miss her weird handwriting. I miss her laughing at my BM. I miss her calling me the Grammar Granny. I so miss her shit face (right Sarah?haha), :D I love Aisyah.

I miss Dahiyah's warmth. Her hugs and her smiles. Our oh so long and wonderful conversations about nothing and everything. I miss her old laugh (she's got a new one now, which is equally as great, haha.) I miss our sleepovers and our hangouts. I miss her car :) I miss laughing with her until my brain feels like exploding and my stomach cramps up. I miss the fact that she laughs at all my jokes even when they're not that funny. I love Dahiyah.

I miss Nadia's energy. I miss her liveliness and vitality. I miss her bouncy attitude. I miss her business sense. I miss us fighting but never losing the friendship factor because we love each other too much. I miss finishing her sentences but how the words I say never match up to what she wants to say. I know we don't talk much anymore Nadia, and how I miss my B1 you'll never know. I so want to talk to you like we used to, because I hope you don't forget, we're twins on the inside. :D I love Nadia.

I miss Khairani. Full stop. I hope you're doing fine. I miss you, lots. Can't wait to see that huge smile and beautiful face of yours. My kazzers!!!! I love Khairani.

One of the rare photos with all six of us in it.

I miss Shida, and her warm smile. I miss her laugh and her ambition. I miss her words. I miss her murderously annoying me with the Gardeynia song.

I miss Nicholas, who was a friendly and much needed friend during the horrible first week at KMS. Thanks Nicholas, for being awesome. HANYA 4 BULAN LAGI!

I miss Adnin and Aiman who have without a doubt been two of the coolest dudes I've befreinded :) Hope you guys are good.

I miss Azeem my "protege" cewahh, and Reuel, my Romeo! :D

And to all my other beautiful friends, I miss you all.
Alllll of you.
If I haven't mentioned your name, do not fret oh awesome friend of mine, believe me you are remembered and missed dearly too.

Love you guys, don't forget thattt!

Jyeahh boiiii.

Oh boy oh boy oh boyy.

Blowing dust of the archives. Turning to a clean page.

Man has it been eons since I've written anything in here.
Hellooo? Anyone there?

Sorry :)

Haven't been able to come online and post stuff. Busy :)

I think I just came on here to tell you people that I miss you :)

Aisyah, Daia, Sarah, Nadia, Kaz, Shida, Nicholas, EVERYBODYYYYYY!

Hope you're all doing well.


TTFN, just FN, promise.