Saturday, December 31, 2011

Garlicious End.

Today, is the last day, of 2011.

Can you believeeeee it? How time flies.

Tomorrow, it will be the year of 2012. When the world ends. Or so they say. I can't stop thinking about that for some reason.

Anyway, my Dad came home from work today and I decided to make some garlic bread for him :D Got some sourdough bread from the shop "gourmet" in Bangsar yesterday. So, used that bread. Melted some butter, mixed in some garlic seasoning, and spread it (generouslyyy) over the bread. Popped it in the oven for 10mins, and voila! :)

And might I say, It was AWESOME! or it IS awesome, there's still some left downstairs :D

Here are ze pictures :)
Enjoy droolinggg over themmmmm.
Don't mean to brag, but seriously, they're that good. I have to friggen blog about them they're so good.

This was them in the oven :

Gosh doesn't that look like a perfect piece of garlic bread to you ? X) You can see the yellow of the garlic butter. The bread was brown to begin with, its not brown because it was in the oven. I didn't toast them entirely. Sorta, crispy on the edges but nice and warm and juuust right in the middle. It wasn't so hard that it hurt to bite into it like most garlic breads you get in restaurants, neither was it too stale bread-chewy or too soggy.

I hope you catch my drift. I may never be able to make garlic bread this good ever again, so just give me this one "perasan" post okay ? haha :D

Happy New Year's everyone, have a good'n.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Surprising Corners.

Don't you just love it when you stumble upon amazing bands, and their music is some of the best that you've heard in a long time?

That, is my relationship with this band.
:) Was instantly drawn to the title, and then stayed for the song.

I remember just now I was listening to it, and it didn't have a distinct percussion beat behind it in the beginning.

" I would absolutely love this song if the percussion came in right now"

Almost immediately after I thought that, the drums came in. And boy did that make me smile.

"That's it. I love this song."

The lyrics are so cute :)
Don't know how you'll feel about it, but try and give it a listen.
I LOATHE the picture in the video below, but this one has better sound quality than the other video with the nicer picture. So, don't look directly into the guys eyes or he'll tell you the song isn't good :P

Saturday, December 3, 2011


So there we were in Italiannies, mommeyh, lil bro, granddaddeyh and I.

Granddaddy and lil bro with their fettucini carbonara, Mommy eating a from the appetizer plate, and me with my chicken&asparagus risotto (MAJOR YUM).

So when the waiter came by, I forgot what we asked from him, but when he came by, my dearest granddaddy had finished his meal. And guess what he asked for.
Here, I'll put it in script.

Granddaddy (waving hand at the waiter) : Ni, ni!

Waiter : Yes?

Granddaddy (with his index finger up) : Bagi teh tarik, teh tarik satu.

Me, lil bro : HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Waiter (smiling) : Kami takda teh tarik sini. Coffee ada, coffee.

Granddaddy : Teh, teh takda?

Waiter : Takda.

Graddaddy : Coffee? White coffee?

Waiter : Black coffee je.

Mommy (to the waiter) : Nevermind, it's okay. Thanks.

Mommy (to my atuk) : Ni tempat Italian la, mana ada teh tarik semua. Balik rumah boleh minum teh tarik. Kat sini wine ada la! Teh tarik semua takdak.

Granddaddy (Calls the waiter again) : Bagi fresh orange satu.

I swear my granddad is awesome man. Haih.
Cry from laughter.
Oh yes, and he fully approves my writing about him in my blog :D haha.
I love you Tok Yem!

Oh yes, again. You people should go to Italiannies! Wootwoot!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Apam Balik

Who is apam? And where did he go home to?
Apam tu siapa? Dia balik mana?

As far as I understand, it should be called Apam Lipat, though I still know not of this Apam character.
Setahu aku, sepatutnya nama dia Apam Lipat, walaupun orang yang bernama Apam ini masih tidak dikenali.

Walaubagaimanapun, dewasa ini, aku sudah mula gemar makan apam balik.
Blog entry ni di-enterkan dalam bahasa melayu gara-gara nak masuk debat bahasa melayu esok kan, semangat lah sikit betulll takkk.

InsyaAllah berkesempatan untuk menyerlahkan bakat aku dalam debat ni, tak pernah menyertai debat semelum ini. Nah ambik kau aku ckp BM berterabur, macam biasa. Telahpun diberitahu
bahawa sidang kumpulan aku sudah diambil oleh kumpulan lain, kejam tidak? Maka, bersabarlah kami. Jika ada kumpulan yang tarik diri, kamilah akan berdebat semasa sidang mereka itu.

Selalunya, aku masuk debat bahasa inggeris. Orang kampung I panggil "debate". Hahahaaa takleh blah kampung I konon. Haha. Hadoi.

Till next time folks ;)