Monday, December 17, 2012

Sad, but understandable.

For the first time in 2+ years, the Macster has failed me ;(

It's old and too full, and overworked.

Hang in there Macster.
You're still loved.


Thursday, December 13, 2012


Because thunder bolts bellow in my heart whenever you're around,
Right after it skips a beat.

So many times I've walked into this sandpit,
So many times I've had the chance to take another route.
As my feet step over the imaginary line that separates clouded judgement and heartfelt truth,
I give a nod towards the path of self assurance,
A glance at the path of hope, and a sorrow stare at the path of patience.
So familiar, so immune to the complications and the consequences.

The sandpit engulfs me, caresses me and feeds my emotions,
Its heaviness on my chest, still accommodating my breathing.
Until I have occupied it enough.

It spits me out, it disowns me.
Its comforting burden, warm and gritty, gone.

Stark feelings of hatred, inundate the very molecules of my body.
Then solemnness. Hollowness. Fear.
In whom, now then, shall I confide?
To whom shall I express my feelings, without even having to say word?
Who, then, will surround me with every particle of their being?

Who will pin my heart down, claiming it theirs?
Who will remove my heart's projection for the world to see,
and place it back in my chest with the right key?

Im lost,
People come and go, telling me stories as they pass.
I hear, I listen, but my heart refuses to let up.

My heart will not give me leave to give up.

Instead it beats, it yearns and it strives.

I'll fall again, and there is no doubt.
I'll choose the path leading to serenity.
I'll choose patience, hope and self assurance,
And not give heed to the mist.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Apologies, extended, past the luminescent barrier.

Because this post is going to be a girly one. So girly, that you might want to look away.

I haven't posted something completely random and boring in a while, so I though, 'Why not now?'.
Since, I am in the midst of what you would call a jam packed week (albeit not as jam packed as a fortnight ago), I decided to let my eyes do a little washing (direct Malay translation of "cuci mata", yes) and get a little pampering for a bit.
They have been serving me well, looking at/through, reading and scanning notes/books/slides/paperwork etc.

Well, eyes. Cry over these pictures, if you must, of sheer disbelief, that it could be true.

That someone so drool-worthy, could exist.

Well, isn't that a man. Wooh!

Joe Manganiello: burly, rugged goodness, with beard for good measure. DROOOOOL.

This post, I have to admit, is so high school. Think of it as me reminiscing over the days that are long gone. :D

END OF (perhaps).

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Surrealistic Reality

I've always enjoyed imagination. I consider it my companion when certain times come that are of boring nature, or when times the mind tuning out is the preferred option (i.e. in boring lectures).

After finishing a class one day, a friend and I decided to have a seat in the foyer of the faculty before we had to enter another mundane moral obligation ( I am actually talking about attending class here, I know, exaggeration, which I am known for. Allow me to remind you that you do know this, I've told you a million times, pun intended).

I looked to my left and there it was. Surrealism, mid-morning, staring at me right in the face. Blatant, bleak and other-worldly.

My faculty is on the 10th to 12th floor of a tower. And the foyer on the 11th floor has a balcony, from which one is able to view a few sections of Shah Alam and also a little bit of Klang. But looking at the gaping hole from a distance, and also from a point where there was little light, that hole was completely white and bright. I felt like I was thrown into a futuristic movie, or that the faculty had somehow floated into a thick dense cloud. On second thought, I recall feeling like we were at the edge of the world. Because you couldn't see ANYTHING, behind the brightness. It had this effect on my sight, that made everything else around me dimmer, as if it was shining even brighter. It was, eerie, to say the least.

For a split second, I actually second guessed reality. I had to look into the bleakness and convince myself that I was not in a dream. What assured me that I wasn't, was the fact that I could see everyones faces clearly. Normally in dreams faces are blurry, as pointed out by Aisyah a few years back.

Without taking my eyes away from the white, I said to my friend "When I look at that I feel like I'm in a dream, it's a very surreal feeling". And he looked followed my gaze and said "Yeah, I get why you feel that way." I also decided to take a picture of it; a decision that I think was awesome now.

After that I blocked out until we had to go to class.

Call me crazy, but for some bizarre reason I cannot forget that sight and the feeling it gave me.
When you see the picture of what I saw (which absolutely exactly depicts the way I saw it), I don't know what you're going to think. But, hopefully you'll understand my point of view, and see past the obvious. I honestly felt, different for those few seconds. Maybe my imagination runs too wild, but one thing I know is that I'll never forget it.





Do you see it? I still do. Haha

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


This was fun to do :) I recently bought a touch pen for RM5 for my iPad, and decided to test it out by writing a blog entry :) App used was Notability. It'll be too small if I shrink it to fit the size of this blog, so I'm afraid you'll have to click it to enlarge and read it :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

And with effort, comes the result. Desired or unexpected though?

After hard work and effort.

The FEELING of it paying off is wonderful but induces anxiousness.

Then comes the result, the ever so longed for result.

Whether satisfaction, or dissatisfaction, something unexpected or a pleasant surprise awaits, only God knows.

So long as you know you transcribed the information and translated it into ink on paper, as best you possibly could.

Whenever that is the case, that you gave it all you possibly could, the outcome will always be positive. Think about it. You gave it all you could have. That means you studied by talking, making cool notes, reading and re reading and memorising the reading again to get it in your brain and then recapping key concepts and then trying some questions to get used to the format, doing past year papers of the subject, until you can say and understand it, until its at your fingertips. Now that sounds like bloody acing your test to me.

So I hope that I can say this to myself whenever I finish a test " I did the best I could" and really mean it. Being honest with yourself and other that you actually DID do the best you could have done, is a difficult thing. I admit, I've lied about it before to make myself feel better. But it kills me inside to know: "If that is what I achieved after a certain amount of last minute limited time of studying, imagine what i could have acheived if I studied even more."

This is me, saying it's never too late, and better late than never, changing my ways. I've neglected my old self and let this big ugly dark shadow control me. Now, I feel like it's time to change something. To get back on track, with what I know my life is supposed to be like. No more wasting time thinking about things that I shouldn't be thinking about, getting worked up about silly little things when others have it so much worse, and finally getting rid of this avalanche of laziness inside me.

Gotta start somewhere, and sometime.
I'm going to TRY to do it now, :)



Wednesday, June 13, 2012

There's grass in this soap from nowhere.

Today was wonderful.

Going to the lake for filming.
Going for lunch with awesome people.
And going for some "This is how we do it Malaysian style" cendol by the road.

A day filled with laughs and craziness.

It was such a comfortable time to be in. No tomorrow type of thing. Very satisfyingly cool.

Thanks to Haidhar for letting us abuse the car. And there was also the time we couldn't get the car started because the gear was stuck on P. Haha, oh yes and congratulations on not being a P driver anymore :)

Thanks to Masila for being our punching bag today, HAHA, so fun :D

Thanks to Imran for just being the kind of person who would walk to the roadside and try to thumb up a ride while we're waiting in the car laughing our asses off.

And thank you to Taufiq for being the laughing stock of the filming session. hahaaaa.

Thanks to everybodeh for a good time today :) Lavvvvditttttt!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Home once more to felines.

The cat is back in my ceiling. I can hear it scratching away :D

Wooo Joyah 2.0 !

If you have no idea as to what I am referring (is that right? or maybe I should just say "If you have no idea what I am referring to") , please see this :  It's In My Ceiling, which is a story of how, 2 years ago, a cat made it's way into my ceiling. Yes, you read right. My ceiling. Go on. Go on. Read it then! ;)

Till later,

I actually said bye with a meow.
How sad.

I'll leave it there for you to decide how weird I am.



Maybe the open top double decker bus was invented when mummies invaded london.

London, 2011.

 Nostalgia strikes. Alhamdulillah I had the privilege to be there and for that I am eternally grateful. To Allah SWT for willing it. To my parents, who let me go, who trusted me, who supported me. To my aunt and uncle, who trusted me well enough to travel with their daughter. To my cousin for coming with and making the trip that much more wonderful than it already was. To my family in England, who took us in, who fed us, who helped us and made us feel more welcome and more at home than being in a foreign place can allow.

It's been a year now, and I almost can't believe it. I can still remember it being bright as day at 8pm, the cold spring nights and the beautiful walks around the lake.

Reminiscing over that wonderful, wonderful time and how great it felt to be there.
Traveling is a really awesome thing to do, wherever you go, and each and every trip has a different meaning and a different story to it. Like these photos which I took on some recent trips. All of them mean something different to me, and all of them bring back memories of awesome, even some weird and or scary times too.

Sky Bridge, Gunung Mat Chinchang, Langkawi, 2011.

Morib Gold Coast, Banting, 2012. 

Samila Beach, Songkhla, Thailand, 2012.

I dream of traveling everywhere, then again, I think everyone does. Going to see a foreign country is always an enlightening experience. Next trip for myself, I think I want to go here:

Bruges. (Image from google search)

My heart just flutters looking at this picture. I've always been intrigued by medieval times and it's said that Bruges is one of the most well preserved Medieval towns in Europe. Love. Well, a girl can dream :) 

Maybe I'll go backpacking. HAHA. Pfft. I know. Me? Backpack? Who knows. 
Like I said, I can dream, non?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

There's a longing.

I really want to change my blog's look. Give it a new hairstyle or something, you get me?
But every time I try, I keep changing it back to this. Simple and white and boring. My blog is actually most probably one of the most boring blogs to have ever occupied space on the internet, if not the most boring of all.

I was reading some tips about how not to make your blog boring. And one of them was "Don't write extremely long blog posts without pictures" and I was just like, DAMMIT. I just found that out by the way, the word dammit. I spelt it damnit hitherto. I've only oticed today that spellcheck underlines damnit in red, but it accepts dammit. Further research veered towards dammit being the right way to spell it. I just think damnit looks better. I don't know. Oh god, how is it possible that I can just hop from one subject to another even while typing? Fun though.

Back to the topic at hand.


Speaking of boring (here I go again), I don't know about you lot, but I often hear people say, "Aku boring doh", and I never fail to laugh at this. I do occasionally nod and say "Yes, YES you are boring." if i do not like the person who said it :D

But if you think about it, being bored, is completely different than being boring yes? Therefore the context of the word boring is wrongly understood in the phrase (I call it phrase because it has become one) "Aku boring".  People perceive it as 'Oh, she has nothing to do, she's bored'. The latter thought would be the case had the person of discussion said "Aku bored do". I suppose it sounds very peculiar to say it like that, "Aku bored". Very, gramatically incorrect. However bear in mind we're speaking broken English already, so let's just toss grammar to the wind shall we? After all, broken English is where we say things like

1. "Same like me!" which is a literal translation of 'Sama seperti saya.'
2. "My one" which is not really a literal translation but means " Saya punya". Literally translated that would be 'I have'.
3. "Masa dah time". REALLY? -_-  This means "Time's up"
4. "Cuba try test" or more fondly pronounced "chetrai/chetraites" which means "Why don't you give it a try?". This is my personal favourite :)

which are all completely grammatically unsound, haha. It is a hazard to grammatical health I'm afraid.
I personally love speaking in broken English. I hope I'm using the correct term here, broken English, to describe the mixing of words of our mother tongue with English words. Broken English can be a lot of things, so I think I'm good.

But this is sort of what I'm getting at.
BANGOLOW!! -photo from photobucket
Weheyy, a picture!! Finally Keisha, a picture! Cue gospel choir angel sounds. 

Well anyway, from a broing blog to the wrong usage of the brothers and sisters of the word bore. 

This is me,  signing out. 
Not bored :) 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Are you seriously serious?

I'm quite sure you've known, for ages maybe.

If you do know, tell me.
Put me out of my misery and tell me.

Because I'm scared to tell you.
I'm scared I'll lose you if you don't feel it too.

Years of holding it in hasn't made it easier on me.

Just tell me already. Please

Baby Toitles

I absolutely loved the trip to Cherating :)

Ask any of my friends who came along,  I was giddy and kiddy and happy the entire trip. Give me a break, it was my first time camping.

But we didn't really "camp". The wind and rain were too harsh on our tents, so they all kept blowing away even with our stuff in them. Girls slept in the surau and the guys slept wherever there was space ie dining table, dining benches and concrete floor. Ahh, such chivalry :D haha.

Not going to post much about the trip, but I will say that it was breathtaking MasyaAllah.

The beach in the morning, was beautiful. I've never seen water so blue :) Even the ocean in Langkawi when the family went last year wasn't as blue and turquoise-y. Beautiful. And the sand, my goodness it was fine ! And uber hot, had to run across it and the soles of my feet were extremely flushed!

The baby turtles were little amazeballs filled will adorableness. Letting them find their way into the big blue was bittersweet and nothing less than a remarkable experience, one that I'll definitely remember forever.

All in all, wonderful experience, would gladly do it again.

How blue is that? And that gorgeous green hued tint in the front? Magical! I swear, this came straight from the camera, no editing. The wind was perfect too. Blissful.

Love it! 

One of the turtles being taken care of in the sanctuary. It's head reminds me of an ancient reptile or a bird sometimes. Has a beautiful pattern on its shell, and also its limbs. Very pretty and or handsome. :) 

The little ball lookalikes in the blue plastic bag are turtle eggs. They were like pingpong balls with hot jelly in them, mushy but strong enough to handle with your hands. You can see some eggs already in the hole, they were transferring them in there from the plastic bag. This is what they call incubation, and this area is located away from the beach area, and in the resort. It keeps the eggs safe from threats that come in both human and animal forms if simply left where the turtle originally laid its eggs on the beach. 

Pretty eh? :)

Got to love morning silhouettes. 

Showing some toitle love. 

Now this one's just a show off, pfft. Just like the guy holding it. The toitle actually posed, clever little thing. 

This one was my toitle :) I named it Rahrah. hehe. I released another one as well, that ones name was Doodles. 

How freaking adorable is that? 

Sad thing is, the founder of the sanctuary said that only around 18 or so from the 50+ baby turtles we released into the ocean may survive. Therefore, Doodles and RahRah, I hope you remain strong throughout your lives and live a long happy life down in the deep turquoise sea. 

Keisha aka Turtle :) 

Friday, May 11, 2012

And the rest, as they say...

Tomorrow, let it be known. Let it be marked, as a day of celebration. A day of enjoyment, and a day of recognition.

A miraculous event will come upon us tomorrow, an event not to be forgotten.

It will be the day, that I, Keisha Mustaffa, finally embark on a journey that has most probably already been bestowed upon many.

I will finally, go camping.


Quite the hype I made eh?

The thing is, I'm extremely excited. I've never been camping before, yes, unbelievable I know, believe me. I was never allowed because once my older brother went camping and came back with dengue. After that, camping just wasn't an option anymore, unless it was my father that took us. Sadly, we never got around to doing it. Timing was never good.

Myself, being the squealing wretch that I am when it comes to insects of the sort, getting dirty and getting sweaty, I didn't mind not being able to go camping.

However, ever since last semester when a few of my classmates shared with me their experiences in camp together, playing war water balloon games in the jungle and all that jazz, I started to wonder whether I was missing something awesome by not ever having been camping. That's where the feeling of needing to try it out for myself arose.

I mustered up the courage to ask my parents, and once I got the green light from my mother I needed to pass the tough task of getting my father to let me go camping. I persuaded him somehow, and he said I could go, which made me a happy camper. Pun intended :D

So here I am, a soon-to-be ex-first-time-camper, telling you that I am excited. 20 years old and finally getting to go for a camping trip.

We're going to Cherating, Pahang, to a turle sanctuary.
And since all my german video project group members are going to be there too, we've decided to shoot in Cherating. Can't wait for that either !  Gonna be awesome!!

Toodles, :)



This is what a musician is.
This guy is good. 

Haha, sedap gila, and funny at the same time. Most of all, so sexy :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Semangat sikit.

There's a post on my blog that has 11000+ views. I hope my eyes are okay. But that's what it says!

\(O.O)/   (surprised and happy)

It was a book review on Michelle Moran's Nefertiti. Crazy, haha. 

And I'm glad that my JPA interview tips blogposts got just under 100 views total. Hope they helped whoever read them!

I do have to say I absolutely do not feel comfortable with the new layout of blogger, but I have to admit I'm loving the new features. The view count thing is very cool. But I hate the layout !

Anyhoo, yes. 

Will blog on the weekend, now's study time :) 

till next time .

Monday, April 30, 2012

Mardlepops and cheebrazetahs.

Finally got round to making those clay polymer pens I wrote about in my Valentines Day post this year.

These are my first batch, so they're not perfect, and I'll be making more and in different colours as well as designs also :)

Been experimenting with some design ideas and they seem to work well!

I've been thinking and have decided that these will be up for sale in the near future. Will update soon about that.
I've already named the designs as well haha :D That's how excited I am.

Well, here you go!

The rest haven't been finished yet, but the one in the front is roughly what they'll look like as the finished product.

 From left : Mardlepop and Cheebrazetah :)

Pretty cool eh?

Can't wait to make more! 

K productions.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Fed, but never remembered.

There are so many songs that I know of.
And some of those, I can only sing one or two lines from.
Here, are those songs, and the line(s) that I know from them.

1. Dont know the title by Bob Marley.
Don't worry, about a thing, cause every little thing, is gonna be alright. END

2. Que Sera Sera by don't know who.
 Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be. The future's not ours to see, que sera, sera. END

3. The Greatest love of All by Whitney Houston:
Because the greatest love of all is ...... meeeeeee. Let the children's laughter, remind us ... used to be. i decided long ago! Not to live in anyone's shadow! If I fail, if I succeed, you can't take away my dignityyyyy.  END

4. Bad by Michael Jackson
Who's bad. tenenenet teenenenet. END

(I know I'm a huge MJ fan, but for some reason, I can NEVER remember the lyrics to that one song.)

5. Besame Mucho by Dean Martin
Besame, besame mucho. Each time I... a kiss I hear music divine. END

6. Don't worry Be Happy by don't know who.
oooooooooohooohooohoohooohoohoohoohoohoohoohoooo Don't worry be happy. END

7. Don't know by don't know
I can see clearly now the rain has gonee. END

8. My Baby you? by Marc Anthony
My baby you, are the reason I can flyyyy.  END

9. Getaran Jiwa by P. Ramlee
Getaran jiwaaaaa, melanda hatiku. .... irama dan lagu.... walaupunnn END.

10. Don't know by don't know
Dia datang clapclapclap END

11. Apa nak jadi by SM Salim
Apa nak jadi, apa nak jadi, sampai sekarang tak kahwin lagi. END

12. Mmmbop by the Hanson Brothers
mmmbop bittibetap ba doowop bedimida ba doowop bittebetappaa duuu. END

13. Like a G6 by FEM
Poppin' bottles in the ice like a blizzard, when we drink we do  it right gettin slizzered? 3 6 now im feelin so fly like a G6. END

14. Kaho Na Pyaar Haii by don't know
Kaho na pyaar haiii, kaho na pyaar haiii. END

15. Signed, Sealed, Delivered by don't know.
Signed selaed delivered, I'm yours! END

Well, honestly, there are a lot more, but i wouldn't want to bore you any further than I already have.
Thus, this ends here and now :D

Till next time folks!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The first day of the fourth month.

By the way, that cake,

I really did bake it.

Not an April Fool's joke.

Haha :D


Finally, after maybe a few months of wanting to do it. I did. And it turned out pretttty good.

Baked myself a red velvet cake ( with a little help from lil bro, thanks lil chef).

Okay first of all I need to tell you guys a story that's related to this cake.

When I was in Malacca a couple of years back, we spent a lot of time walking through the night life in Jonker's Street.

And we found several stalls selling this juice. There were alcoholic and non0alcoholic ones.
So we bought ourselves a few bottles (they were in colourful glass bottles) of the non alcoholic ones (duhh) and there was one in particular that I loved.

It was purple, and it was an apple and guava flavoured one. Drank it, awesome... then the aftertaste hits you. It almost tasted like lavender. So cool. I loveeedd it.

Anyway, what does that have to do with a red velvet cake you might ask?

Well, the red velvet cake I baked today, has that same aftertaste, only, a little more soapy. hahahaha.
I have no idea how it became so, because the reviews from the recipe I used were allllllllll positive.
I researched it, and its because of the baking powder. Never had this problem before, but the vinegar and the baking powder in the cake must've had a party in there because it came out with a subtle aftertaste.

The frosting however, mind-blowingly good. Creamy. Just nice. So happy with it.

Whatever it is, it was a gooooood cake. The icing made up for that aftertaste, and it was barely tastable. 3/4 of the cake was gone in half an hour, which is a good sign :)

Me/Dad : Does it taste soapy?/No, absolutely to die for./Auw thank you :) / What's it called again? Velvety cake? / Haha, red velvet cake laaaa :).

Enjoy :)

Had some white specks because I dusted the cake pan with flour. Thinner than I expected.

Red Velvet Sandwich, anyone?


:O :O :O :O :O :O :O

Teehee :D



Monday, March 26, 2012

Dum doo di dum, and a La di da for good measure.

Here's something I like to do when I'm angry.


I'll write it all out. Like I'm writing a letter to the person I'm angry at.
What this usually does is, it makes me:
1. Organize my thoughts.
2. Get down to the root of my anger.
3. Make sense of it all.
4. Decide whether it's worth getting angry about.
5. Realize I shouldn't be mad, really.

It really does help me though.
However I do not actually write, as they did when mullets were in.
I write online.
Here, especially.

I can't tell you how many times I've typed out never-ending posts consisting of unattractive rants that made me realize, that I was being a spoilt brat, or an inconsiderate piece of flotsam of the sewage kind. (I do not know, whether that last sentence makes sense to you, neither do I know if it is grammatically correct. It just sounds cool, teehe)

Comparatively, I actually would rather write than type. However, seeing how often I'm on the Macster, might as well give the old keyboard some exercise ;)
I actually should start writing in a Journal again. Though I doubt any of my daily doings will be of any historical value later on in the unforeseen feeyutchah!

But, you never know, perhaps they will be looking for a detailed account of a mediocre human being's life.And you never know, that mediocre human being could be me.

Perhaps the only journals they manage to recover from times in the past (which is now,when you're reading this, but will be past, in their time) were ostentatious and extravagantly flamboyant accounts of the luxurious life, all written in protected journals, buried underground in disaster proof time capsules, so that their precious life stories would not be touched by the decaying fingers of time, and the potentially deathly touch of man.

Maybe all they'll want, is to find a person, who lived each day, like a normal person would, and wrote it all out, not expecting any sort of historical recognition, but secretly wishing for it, though this person would never live to see the day even if it did happen.

Trouble is, a journal is supposed to be private, non?
I guess that's the last thing you'd be worried about though, since you'd be dead by the time it meant something to anyone.

I have millions (okay, yes I'm exaggerating, damnit how do you always know?!) of notebooks, that had initially been bought for serving the purpose of being the medium through which I pour my heart and soul out. However, they have ended up being one of two things:
1. Display items.
2. Doodle books.

Never journals.
I started finding them cheesy when I was around 16? So I haven't wrote since.

Recently I watched The Vow.

So the couple finds themselves unfortunately involved in an accident, and the woman loses her mind, I mean, memory. Haha.
She wakes up, doesn't remember a thing since going to law school, which she dropped out of to go to art school, after which she then got married to her super hot husband, who she now cannot recall ever meeting.

*Just as a little comical yet slightly true note, if I opened my eyes to see Channing Tatum's face hovering above mine telling me he's my husband, I'd just say, yes. HAHAHAHA*

So the husband tries to help his wife remember that she loves him. And one question she asked was,
"Did I keep a journal?"

And at that moment, I was like, oh my God, I have to start keeping a journal again. What if I suffer from memory loss one day, not so violently however. Say Alzheimer's like in the Notebook. The disease just eating away at my memories like Meeko eating john smith's biscuits. Auww, Meeko :D

But then again, what if I can't remember what my own handwriting looks like, then I wouldn't be able to recognize who's journal it is and seeing as I'll be a senescence stricken old lady, deny that it's mine. Thus, defeating the purpose of my wanting to keep a journal in the first place.

As senile as I'd theoretically be, it wouldn't be as bad as the above picture. HAH.

This was nice.
I haven't actually updated in a long time. Haven't had any ideas.
This was fun :D hahaa.

Tchuss! ;)

love, the potential historically significant mediocre earthling.

* all images were obtained through google search! :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Excited, really?


I know I'm only excited to go back to class because I can use my new stationery.

Give it a week or two, and I'll be prying my face off my desk in class. Teehee, nah, I never sleep in class really, scouts honour ! :)

I'm pretty psyched to begin again.
I love university because of this.
You get to begin again. Nothing is ever carried on from the last semester.
Well, except your pointer, HAHA.
But I'm talking about the subjects.

Alhamdulillah, my results last semester have left me satisfied enough, as I know they were alright, considering my struggles with some subjects.
Could I have gotten better results? Of course, no doubt. But, I'm honestly happy.

I'm looking forward to a certain lecturer that might be teaching us this semester, I really hope this lecturer does teach us as he seems amazing! Funny and just, fun. Plain old good fun.

All in all, it's a new semester, and I'm pretty stoked about it right now!

This blog really needs some rejuvenation !
Will try to post more, what's the word.... necessary.
Will try to post more necessary and significant, there you go, necessary and significant things.


Of rabbit toes that twinkle.

Dedicated to Bitbit Twinkletoes.

Though you were a surprise, an unexpected gift to my dear friend Aisyah Nasaruddin,
And though I had only seen you thrice,
This did not mean you were not thought of as cute, fluffy and a good big old bunny.

You were taken good care of,
and nature simply played its role.

Byebye bitbit.

Aisyah, stay strong! :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Dumbo.

Ich liebe dich.

Und du know who du bist.


Orientation week wouldn't have been awesome without you.

Torn to pieces.

And scattered around the world.

Well, actually, just scattered in egypt and malaysia.
For now.

To Sarah,
I'll miss having you around!
After this it's back to virtual hugs!

Love love love love you.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Tell, no tell?

Inspired by a vlog about putting one's self out there, that saw some time ago. Decided to offer my opinion(s).

Okay so there's this boy.

And there's this girl.

Girl loves boy. Boy doesn't show interest romantically.


Boy loves girl. Girl doesn't show interest romantically.

Girl doesn't know how to tell boy, because boy is her friend/good friend/best friend.
And vice versa.
You get my point.

Tell or no tell? is the question swimming around in either of their heads.


Worst case scenario, they say I like you as a friend, so lets just stay that way.
Things get awkward and you're never the same around each other again.


No tell:
Stay friends and be happy with the way things are, nothing was wrong with it in the first place right?


But, would you rather look back saying "Yeah, it didn't happen. I tried."

or spend your whole life thinking

"What if I told him?" or "What if I told her?"
"Would things be different?"

I don't know.
How about you?

For now, if I was in this predicament, I say I'd rather keep the friendship that ruin anything.
But maybe I'll change my mind when I'm 70, thinking whether that crush was the one that got away.
Lol, katy perry song quote. Niceee :P

The subject matter of this random entree, is subjective. And risky.

Aih, life :P

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Love, the Quichemeister.

Need to come up with some valentine presents for the loved ones :)

Not actually getting into the Valentine's thing, many schools of thought on it. But I do it just for fun, nothing spiritually involved, I guess you could say?

I mean, it's been a day that I've thought since forever to be about celebrating the shape that we all associate with love, which is this:

That's all it is to me really, :) Giving someone some love! Haha, mind you I could actually do this on any day of the year, but then it wouldn't be a Valentine-y present. I don't know. I stand by my reasoning :D

So, I have a couple ideas up my sleeve, one involving clay, and the other paper. I'm partially inclined to the clay idea, although it is more expensive.

And as someone told me, its the thought that counts Keisha! Still, if its the thought that counts, well, I have two thoughts, and it'd be better if its a nicer, more expensive thought right? haha. And so I'll realize the nice, expensive thought, if all goes well.

A week to go, and then show everyone some love :D

Please refer to blog title for blogentry-ending salutations.

Friday, February 3, 2012


I miss this place.
I think the last time I was there, was about 2 years ago.

And I dearly miss it.

I miss the air in the morning.

I miss the trees bowing down to the lake water.

I miss the smooth rocks under the cool gushing waters of the waterfalls.

When I'll go back I don't know, but I hope it'll be soon :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Snap Crack and Fizzle!

Camera's. Photography.
One of my ultimate pleasures in life. I said one of. haha :D

So, currently have my eye on a film camera (because it's so awesomely vintage, I simply must own it) and also a replacement (maybe, or addition) for my Nikon D5000.

The Nikon D5000 is really, an amazing camera. No doubt about that, but what really stresses me out is when I'm capturing things that are moving fast, or babies, or toddlers, or even just normal pictures in general, the autofocus just outright FAILS me. Completely. I need a beautiful, fast autofocus function so that I won't miss those it-usually-happens-only-once moments like a unique smile that a baby makes when he's sleeping because he's probably quote "dreaming about a milk fountain" (source: big brother, on his newborn son aka my nephew).

It's so sad having to tell people to hold their pose for at least 10 seconds before my camera is ready for me to take a shot. Its, frustrating more than sad, honestly.

"Ok, satuuuu.... duaaa.... tigaaa! Eh, kejap eh, jap! jap! jap!!!" (camera still focusing) "Haih, jap ehhhh. Ha! Ok! 1,2 3 !" *snap*

So, I read some reviews, and this camera, this wondrously suave, old school looking camera with kick ass modern innards just did three simple things :
#1 caught my eye
#2 made me fall in love

Introducing (my next camera, InsyaAllah) the Olympus Pen EP-3, in matte white with a slab of delectable caramel just to sweeten things up. Yummy. :D

It's autofocus is supposed to be super fast and completely reliable. And the photos that have been taken with it are super amazing. And it fits in your palm. I would really love to have this camera. Haih. Well of course the autofocus isn't the only reason. It's the first camera where olympus has developed most of its innards and it's therefore better. I'm no expert on the technicalities of it all but it means thats good. HD recording? Yes please :) So completely besotted. Not to sound materialistic (hehe, too late for that huh?) but my life is empty when bereft of this magnificent gadget. However, money wise, it's going to take a while before i get my hands on this one.

On the other hand, going completely retro, I've ALWAYS been in to Lomography, and vintage looking photographs because, you get bored of stunningly crisp high megapixeled-camera shots and sometimes find yourself in dire need of some grainy, character-filled photograph goodness. And you can get those kind of pictures with a film camera. What camera ? Film camera? Yes, a film camera, the ones we used to bring on school trips in the 90's? Before digital camera's came out? Oh never mind, I'll show you.

The above, my friends, is the Fed 5B, Soviet era, film camera. It's just amazing. I absolutely love the look of it, reminds me of my grandfather and his love of cameras and photography. He has one almost like this from back in the day, with the huge flash attached to the hot-shoe and everything. One of the reasons I'm going to get it. See that, determination. I'm saving up to get this one. Don't care, it's too full of character, Love it. It's an easier goal as opposed to the money I'd have to save to get the Olympus PEN EP3, I'd have to work a couple of months before I'd have that kind of money. But this one, more within my reach :)

Obviously these kind of camera's (in my opinion) are not to be used on a daily basis, due to the logistics of having to develop pictures at a lab, and well, frankly that costs money :D haha, although there are some labs that can scan the pictures instead of develop them nowadays, but where's the authenticity in that right? Another thing that I love about this camera is that I can experiment with different kinds of films. Films that boost colour, increase contrast, slightly fade colours, lomo-fy photos, monochromatic films. All sorts, and that excites me!

I might resort to the option of requesting scanned pictures instead of developed ones when I am severely out of cash to splurge, not that I have much to begin with, (no Umi and Bab, you give me plenty, not complaining, haha) as I have a VERY hard time saving :P However with the new goal in mind, I'll persevere and see what happens.

Well, there you go.
A materialistic post ! Once in while, tis good for the soul. Non? :)


Monday, January 16, 2012


One thing that is not considered the mentioned word above, is being completely and perfectly happy all the time.

Everybody has their days.

Maybe I have them more than I'd like.

But, you know.
Everybody has their days.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Worried much?

I have never, ever, ever, been more relaxed in my entire life. ever. And this is not necessarily a good thing, because its study week.

And I'm scared, that my life will be so sucky after I get my results for semester 1 finals.

Oh fooey.

Wht the hell am I supposed to do. Oh yes, study :) Hahaaaa.

Ya Allah, I know You are always there. Please help me do the best I can.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Too sweet. :S

But they were nice.
Nothing fancy, didn't bother to do the icing properly either. Was just craving a cupcake.

I decided to follow the recipe exactly, but ohmygod, never doing that again. Tasted like eating sugar.
Butt, on the plus side, without the icing, the cupcakes are just nice.
Chocolate Chip cupcakes, chocolate frosting and crunchy chocolate bar broken on top. Wooh :)

Wooh! :)

My goodness though, washing buttercream icing, is SO annoyingly backbreaking. I had to use a toothbrush to clean the piping nozzle and tip. Took agesss. Had to wash it with soap like 5 times. Oh well. The view from the kitchen window behind the sink kept me smiling :)

He was just looking at me wash the dishes the whole time, and I could see the wind blowing his fur. So cute :)