Saturday, December 31, 2011

Garlicious End.

Today, is the last day, of 2011.

Can you believeeeee it? How time flies.

Tomorrow, it will be the year of 2012. When the world ends. Or so they say. I can't stop thinking about that for some reason.

Anyway, my Dad came home from work today and I decided to make some garlic bread for him :D Got some sourdough bread from the shop "gourmet" in Bangsar yesterday. So, used that bread. Melted some butter, mixed in some garlic seasoning, and spread it (generouslyyy) over the bread. Popped it in the oven for 10mins, and voila! :)

And might I say, It was AWESOME! or it IS awesome, there's still some left downstairs :D

Here are ze pictures :)
Enjoy droolinggg over themmmmm.
Don't mean to brag, but seriously, they're that good. I have to friggen blog about them they're so good.

This was them in the oven :

Gosh doesn't that look like a perfect piece of garlic bread to you ? X) You can see the yellow of the garlic butter. The bread was brown to begin with, its not brown because it was in the oven. I didn't toast them entirely. Sorta, crispy on the edges but nice and warm and juuust right in the middle. It wasn't so hard that it hurt to bite into it like most garlic breads you get in restaurants, neither was it too stale bread-chewy or too soggy.

I hope you catch my drift. I may never be able to make garlic bread this good ever again, so just give me this one "perasan" post okay ? haha :D

Happy New Year's everyone, have a good'n.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Surprising Corners.

Don't you just love it when you stumble upon amazing bands, and their music is some of the best that you've heard in a long time?

That, is my relationship with this band.
:) Was instantly drawn to the title, and then stayed for the song.

I remember just now I was listening to it, and it didn't have a distinct percussion beat behind it in the beginning.

" I would absolutely love this song if the percussion came in right now"

Almost immediately after I thought that, the drums came in. And boy did that make me smile.

"That's it. I love this song."

The lyrics are so cute :)
Don't know how you'll feel about it, but try and give it a listen.
I LOATHE the picture in the video below, but this one has better sound quality than the other video with the nicer picture. So, don't look directly into the guys eyes or he'll tell you the song isn't good :P

Saturday, December 3, 2011


So there we were in Italiannies, mommeyh, lil bro, granddaddeyh and I.

Granddaddy and lil bro with their fettucini carbonara, Mommy eating a from the appetizer plate, and me with my chicken&asparagus risotto (MAJOR YUM).

So when the waiter came by, I forgot what we asked from him, but when he came by, my dearest granddaddy had finished his meal. And guess what he asked for.
Here, I'll put it in script.

Granddaddy (waving hand at the waiter) : Ni, ni!

Waiter : Yes?

Granddaddy (with his index finger up) : Bagi teh tarik, teh tarik satu.

Me, lil bro : HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Waiter (smiling) : Kami takda teh tarik sini. Coffee ada, coffee.

Granddaddy : Teh, teh takda?

Waiter : Takda.

Graddaddy : Coffee? White coffee?

Waiter : Black coffee je.

Mommy (to the waiter) : Nevermind, it's okay. Thanks.

Mommy (to my atuk) : Ni tempat Italian la, mana ada teh tarik semua. Balik rumah boleh minum teh tarik. Kat sini wine ada la! Teh tarik semua takdak.

Granddaddy (Calls the waiter again) : Bagi fresh orange satu.

I swear my granddad is awesome man. Haih.
Cry from laughter.
Oh yes, and he fully approves my writing about him in my blog :D haha.
I love you Tok Yem!

Oh yes, again. You people should go to Italiannies! Wootwoot!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Apam Balik

Who is apam? And where did he go home to?
Apam tu siapa? Dia balik mana?

As far as I understand, it should be called Apam Lipat, though I still know not of this Apam character.
Setahu aku, sepatutnya nama dia Apam Lipat, walaupun orang yang bernama Apam ini masih tidak dikenali.

Walaubagaimanapun, dewasa ini, aku sudah mula gemar makan apam balik.
Blog entry ni di-enterkan dalam bahasa melayu gara-gara nak masuk debat bahasa melayu esok kan, semangat lah sikit betulll takkk.

InsyaAllah berkesempatan untuk menyerlahkan bakat aku dalam debat ni, tak pernah menyertai debat semelum ini. Nah ambik kau aku ckp BM berterabur, macam biasa. Telahpun diberitahu
bahawa sidang kumpulan aku sudah diambil oleh kumpulan lain, kejam tidak? Maka, bersabarlah kami. Jika ada kumpulan yang tarik diri, kamilah akan berdebat semasa sidang mereka itu.

Selalunya, aku masuk debat bahasa inggeris. Orang kampung I panggil "debate". Hahahaaa takleh blah kampung I konon. Haha. Hadoi.

Till next time folks ;)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Aisyah Nasaruddin, Sarah Liyana Abdul Rahim

I love these chicks :D

Was boooodiful to confrence with them last night, dah lama tak ckp with all 3 of each other at the same time.

Well, I just want both o you to know that ASK will live as long as we do, and as long as we live is the time that I will cherish our friendship :)

Sarah, though you are farawayyy, you're still close! In my heart! Auwwww cheesyyy goodness :D haha.

Aisy babe, though you're sooo closeeee, you're so farawayyy. But still close! In my heart too :D

Aisy, I nak gambar ASK from your cest la vie section :D

Wooh, rindurindu.


Friday, November 18, 2011

I thought this would be easier.

Maybe I'm biting off more that what my mouth's cavity has enough room for to chew.

I feel somewhat overwhelmed.

Previous (way way way way previous posts) posts have have suggested that I am immune to stress.
Well, that sort of changed ever since I entered the crazy and unpredictable world that is University.

As of now, I can safely say that I know what stress feels like. Stress over things that aren't meant to be stressed over, totally insignificant to academic performance but necessary to obtain accommodation closer to class next semester, therefore reducing money usage for accommodation and transport. It's tiring, but it has to be done. And I keep telling myself, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Well, this week (though not yet over) has been crazy. And this weekend, will be crazy too. I just really want to get it over and done with, so that I can move on with my studies. Have this college sports day thingy, and I'm handling football teams :D haha, ironic. I don't really like football. But oh well. I'll just be keeping score.

Pretttty scared, finals are about a couple of months away and my gut tells me I HAVE to start revising right now. So yeah.

Couple of high points this week that reminded me why university is cool, were that I won an essay competition (Yeay!) and also did reasonably well on a test for which the subject is my least favourite right now. It always works like that, subjects that I like, I don't score. Overconfidence maybe? Something needs to be fixed, and shall be once I figure out what it is. Lets just hope I do so before finals. Golllllyyyyyyy, finals. Woooh! :)

So, all the best to me ahha andddd everybody elso who is experiencing the situation which I am experiencing at any amplified scale be it negative or positive :D

Peace out homies, :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Distant, fading, but never not there.

There was this one time, where after a long and hard day, a bunch of us all sat down in a big circle. Just to rest ourselves. This was in school, in one of the ruang legar's. Everyone was pooped, it was around 5pm, and it was quiet.

One of us, started singing Somewhere Only We Know by Keane. And, automatically, everyone just followed suit. It was this, "I'm so happy we're all here, and lets just enjoy this" kind of moment. I can still remember the breeze blowing, it was a little cloudy, and we were just looking at one another and singing to each other. That feeling of comfort with each other.

"Oh simple things, where have you gone" ...

It was just, perfect. Things were in fact, much simpler back then, and I guess we knew that at that particular moment? Somehow subconsciously we knew that where we were at that moment was going to be a moment that we would miss and yearn for forever. I don't know. It was just too perfect. I don't know how else to explain it.

Now, things have changed, some for the better, some for the worse. But if you just freeze time, go back to that moment, it was the best thing ever. For me. Someone actually recorded it, and around a year or so after that, that person let me listen to it, and I haven't been able to forget it since. The recording is lost, but the memory will be there always.

I still get teary eyed and have goosebumps thinking about it 3 years later.


Friday, November 11, 2011

Warning: Don't sit down. I've moved your chair.

Flippn' 'ell.
Blimmin' 'eck.

This is just bloody awesome like.

Thank youuuu ;)

Putting it on repeattt!

Saturday, November 5, 2011


I love this! Haha.

Saw it on Aisy's blog entry titled "Of his part of life".

And did a little searching and found some cool stuff too :P

Here you go :)

Haha so true. I had to ask my friend what to do when it cama to long division for partial fractions -_-

Sumpah kalau boleh jawab macam ni in exams sure best gila nak mati :D

Oh my goodness I swear this one had me in fits of laughter, I do not understand why. Its so hilarious. Seriously? An elephant? HAHAHAHAHA.
The answer to question B is just awesome.

This is the one from Aisy's blog :D Haha. Awesome stuff.

Bubye :)


Dream of oceans so deep, you'd drown in your sleep.
Breathe in water, like it was air.
Let the water take you to the serenity it keeps.

Open your eyes,
Touch the rays of the sun in all their translucence,
See the water dance through them.
Let them shimmer and shine on your skin.

Look above, lie afloat within the water.
Luxuriate in looking at the cyan sky through the surface,
Tarnished with ripples, so elegantly.

Eyelids drop from the feeling of calmness and delight,
Body relaxes from a stolen deep breath,

Eyes open bathed in the dark.
Light of dawn seeping through the curtains.

Smile, oh how amazing that was :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Words of Wisdom? Maybe?

Engineering Alumni: (shouting into microphone to 2000 students) You have to study! Study like SHIT!


EA: (still shouting) Study like HELL!

Haha, that's extremely true okay :) It was so hilarious.



Ahaa :)

Wonderful month.
The month before a special month. x)
The special month for Sarah dear :) and her lil sistah.
Weehoo :)

Today was tiring.
Surprised me mommeh by telling her I wasn't coming home because I had a lot of work to do, only to show up at the front door some three minutes later with a huge grin on my face. :D
She was expecting my uncle and aunt, not moi.
And this was how I was greeted:
"Assalamualaikummm...(*shocked blank face* *processing*)"
and then
Hahaaa, veryyyyy funnay :D

Thank you darlin Aisy for sending me home :) Love you to bits.

University life is alright I suppose. I come home ALOT so it doesn't feel too university-y.
Later on perhaps, when I have lots of work to do and can't come home often? Maybe then it'll sink in. Other than that its just amazing to actually be in university. I feel so big. :P
Had my induction at the faculty the whole of the past weekend. Tiring but very awesome I have to admit. Wasn't of dire importance, but it was to "officiate" our becoming Engineering students. Officiate here, means to fully and completely cover us in flour. Yes, tepung. We were lined up and dusted, nay, sprinkled, nay, showered with paper plates of flour.
Cool stuff.

Well, bring me awesomeness October, will you ?

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Flowing of Words.

I stand by this statement, tall and proud :)

Yes? Yes. :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011



Honestly though, although this time around it was still as tiring as ever, it was very very very very fun and awesome and memorable. You know, even though we all only got 12 hours of sleep in the span of 5 days, had invisible boulders resting along our lashes, and couldn't control ourselves as our heads dropped back, mouths gaping as we didn't even realize that we fell asleep until we actually woke up some blissful minutes later, it was still cool :P Cheering with our college mates, battling against other colleges, all in the name of good old fun!

And, my two girlies Dahiyah and Aisyah were there which only made things, like awesome-errr :D
Love my roommates too! Nurul mek Klate yoko yoko, Efa roomandcourse-mate kecik and finally Farel, the crazy free radio :)

I feel like I'm a part in something so big and amazing its unbelievable. I'm not just talking about being a part of Kolej Mawar (we are awesome by the way :P ), I'm talking about UiTM. It feels really wonderful to be a siswi! :D

It literally did rock :D
Will never forget it, and this time around, for good reasons! ! !

UiTM dihatikuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!! Cewahhh :P

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Oh the Awesomeness of it all.

Alhamdulillah, Ramadan has come and is almost past! Couple more days InsyaAllah, we'll be done :)

Beautiful month, leading up to a beautiful day.
Just the other night I was in the car and along the lamp posts of the road there were some Lampu Raya (which are totally awesomeeee !) draped along the cables. The flickering lights against the dark sky brought back nostalgic feelings of being with my family having a wonderful time during past Raya Aidilfitri's. Almost brought tears to my eyes.

There's just something about Ramadan and Syawal that's so special, magnificent even.
Cleansing your body, your mind and your soul, asking for forgiveness for your wrongdoings, and I think most of all humbling yourself.

Its an amazing feeling of accomplishment when you've made it through the fasting month and that joy of being able to eat in the morning and afternoon again is beyond awesome, I'm not gonna lie. Hahahha :P

Then there's all the open houses to go to, people to meet and salam peluk cium auww x).
Its allll about being with loved ones.

OH YES and AMAZINGGGGGGGGG RAYA SONGGSSSSSS. Love them. Kinda listen to them any time of the year because they're so cool :P Nothing beats old skool raya songs from P Ramlee, Saloma, Sharifah Aini etc.
This song just HAS to be played masa raya. Tak sah if its not played, hehe.

Raya Aidilfitri ANDDD Merdeka Day possibly being on the same day if not one after another... AWESOMEEE stuff :)
Great way to celebrate.. together! :)
Wear baju melayu made from the Jalur Gemilang why don't we! :)

I'd like to take this opprtunity to wish EVERYONEEE out there a wonderful and joyous Eid'ul Fitr! Lets everybody have some fun eh? :)
Please forgive me if I have offended anyone or hurt your feelings through words in my blog, or through any actions that I've done to you in person.

Please don't go too overboard with the mercun if you MUSTTTT have fireworks.
Better to not to play at all!

May Allah's blessings bring us all peace and happiness!

Eid Mubarak.

-Keisha :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Drag a ball, and let it go.

Experiment :)

What's that supposed to mean?

I love both of these! They're so cute.
But the first one is kind of selfish. Hahaa!
Whatevs, Winnie the Pooh rules.

PLEEEEASEEEEE watch this :) Stay for the song. It's lovely, really :)

CR: What are you supposed to be?
WTP: I'm a little black rain cloud of course.

I love it when WTP says 'of course' like it was so obvious he was a disguised rain cloud x)

" Christopher Robin, I think the bees S-U-S-P-E-C-T something"
You can stop watching after 2:10, if you can stop :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Keratin, masked.

Making a decision is never an easy task.
But, I made one anyway.

It's a huge decision.

So, it'll be the start of a brand new day.
A brand new set of eyes for me.
Fresh, wonderful beginning.

I never liked this town much anyway.

This is a good thing.
It's got to happen someday.
Why not now?
Or soon?
So, I'm taking it.
I'm taking now.
And doing it.

I'll be just fine without you.
Better in fact. Stronger.
I know it, I'm sure of it.

I am.
I will.


Friday, July 29, 2011

Say what?!

Can you believe it's almost August?


Sugar and Baking Powder

You might think this post will probably be about muffins. Or a cake.

You think wrong man.

The above mentioned sugar and baking powder are actually cockroach killers, when combined.

I had half a mind to actually try this method out. They say the sugar attracts it and the baking powder makes it suffer a slow and painful death. There were two reasons I didn't try it out:

1. Slow and painful=not good. As much as I hate cockroaches, I wouldn't kill them slowly. Painfully, maybe. But quick you know? No suffering. Like smack it with a shoe maybe.

2. I didn't want it to die slowly. I needed it to begone! immediately. Dying slowly=more spending time scurrying about in my room and a 45% chance of it crawling up on my bed and crawling up my nose in my sleep, and another 55% chance of it making a home in between my folded clothes in the cupboard.

So yeah.

Tell you what, I woke up to go get water at like 1 am, and I switched on the lights and there it was. It scurried across the room in front of my legs and I was like ' That is so disgusting' while moving away very fast. It then crawled onto my curtain. So, I opened the door and wondered whether I should go get help.

"No Keisha. You can do this!"

So, high heel in one hand, lavender vanilla comfort air freshener in the other hand (it was the closest to Ridsect I could find at that moment man, get off my case) I was ready for war. But I lost the cockroach, it went somewhere behind the curtain that I couldn't see.

So, Plan B: Jump on bed and start throwing stuff at curtain.

Items thrown:
1. 3 balls of socks.
2. Heart shaped pillow.
3. Ball of paper.
4. Scissors.

Items successfully thrown to make cockroach run out and become sitting duck:

So, I sat plonked on my bed for a good 15 minutes waiting for it to come out so I could kill it.
I didn't show, the coward. XP

I wasn't going to have a cockroach in my nose while I was sleeping, nuh-uh.
So I made the decision to sleep in a vacant room in my house... in which the air-cond is broken.

Sanggup kot. Geli.

So anyway, my mom sprayed my room like crazy for me last night. And it still didn't come out.
But, I slept in my room last night and no cockroach invaded my nostril, so all's good.

Found it dead on the stairs this morning though. And yes, it is the same cockroach, I know it is! Don't you dare tell me otherwise.

Well I've just come back from work. My room smells like mothballs.
But, I don't mind, so long as the cockroach leaves me the hell alone.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tall People Can't Wear Heels.

Isn't that like saying those who are short can't wear flats?


I'mma wear my heels.

And if you think I shouldn't, well, YOU wear higher hells! :D

Maybe people think "My goodness she's so tall already, she doesn't need heels!"
Well, you see, to me, heels have 2 advantages.

2.. They make you taller.
1. They look awesome. They're stylish! Especially these kind:

Yeah? :D Haha, I'd never be caught dead in any of the above though, wouldn't be able to walk! :D For now lah that is.

Someday though, someday!

Someone has to buy me one of these first, wink wink * :D


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wock and Woll!!!!!!!

This kid, says it all. I am not joking, YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS.
He just learnt how to ride a bike, and this is what he had to say.

Inspirational, :') .


How freaking amazing is this guy man? Seriously?
His guitar playing skills are just, haih.
Just listen.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Thanks to a certain someone, my blog is to be revived. Rejoovanated.

If you are reading this you know who you are!

Anyway, this post is dedicated to a person who's number one spot of things to read on the web belongs to my blog, or so the person says. Haha, I'm very grateful man! Sampai tulis blog entry untuk hang tau. You owe me a BK now, and Wendy's. NO, you know what scratch that, YOU OWE ME CARLS JR., yeahhhh that's it.

Although this blog is mostly a load of gibbersih, I like it, and apparently, so do some other people so yeah! :P

So, you know when you're hanging out with your buds, your pals, your buddy ol' pals...
You sometimes get this pang of feelings crawl through your insides.
It goes something like this:
"Damn my friends are cool."

Well, I get that alot. I lovee lovee my friends. You know its that kind of reciprocal, mutual liking. So much so that you don't get tired of seeing each other every day, because each day means new stories to tell, and new jokes to laugh at, and you know, new clumsy crazy antics and stuff. I mean, even if the stories are old, friends still listen. Heck, recycling rocks right?! Chances are your friends don't even remember those stories because they're so "eons ago", so, story story mory again lah! :p

The kind of friends I'm talking about are those with whom you can sit and spend hours and hours talking and talking and talking. Oh yes, and laughing. It doesn't have to be one person, it can be a whole group of amazing people, who can create a huge roar of laughter. Either one, these kind of friends are awesome to be around and never fail to make you smile. These friends also don't believe in texting often. Who need texts when you can call and scream at each other in excitement? And who needs to call even, when meeting up is so awesome! These friends RARELY ever text, with the exception of long distance friends who can't afford to call because its will get WAYYY TOOOO expensive, and well yeah, they're far away so they can't meet up. These long distance awesome friends call each other on their birthdays because they get free calls all day. Teehee :D

I know I'm always on about how I like to talk for hours about anything under the sun. And I know you're all like "Pffffttt... here she goes again with the "everything under the sun" thing...".
Well, to those who think that, I give you, this video. Watch, and soak up the ever so simple message ok. The title kind of spoils it, but watch it anyway.

Well, now, back to my ramblings for the day.
These kind of friends are a different species altogether, like amazingly understanding and absurdly cool. Simply put, they're one of a kind. Rare gems. You don't find people like that walking around everyday. So, here's to all the amazing friends out there, who've been supportive, who've lent a shoulder on which to cry, who've understood when no one else did, who've given wrinkles to their friends from too much laughter, who've given a helping hand, who've been so stupidly crazy, who've been one of the few things keeping their friends sane, and most of all, who are absolutely, positively, undoubtedly, freggin WICKED.

In case you haven't figured it out, yes, I am referring to my friends.

Majorly boasting in 3..



Whatt? Homies? I know, I know, LAME. Oh well.

Monday, May 30, 2011


Kung Fu Panda 2 was better than I expected.

"Inner piece of what?"

Haha, oh that line was awesome :)

I know I promised like lots of blogging but I do not have a clue on blogging topics.


Sorry, KFP (Kung Fu Panda) syndrome. Super sneak attack that was, if you didn't figure it out.

I reallllyy REALLLY want Po's little stuffed panda. I want it SUPER bad.

Daia, I really do blame you for my incessant use of the word 'super'. It sounded cool when you said it, and now, its stuck. I try to stop. But its something I do subconsciously now. Damnit.

Saw POTC, awesome, I mean, hello, Johnny Depp=AWESOMENESS.

Oh, Johnny Depp XD

Oh yes, I think the Baskin Robbins "Happy Ice Cream Cake to you" commercials you see in the cinema, have two ridiculous things about it.

One: Is it me or is the guy in that commercial RIDICULOUSLY handsome? The one who brings the cake out at the start. At the start, I was like, EH, he's ok. But later on in the commercial, I'm like DAYUM. Haha. I literally drool at the sight of him, man. Not the ice cream cake, him.
Clever Baskin Robbins people.

Two: I think the song is completely ridiculous. -_- Happy ice cream cake to you? Whhatt? Haha. Ohhh, but do not fret my friends, the gardenia songs still, gives me nightmares. I LOATHE that song. Sheesh.

Here's the link to the commercial.

Well, ramblings, cease. :)


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bow Chicka Wow Wow



Nicholas, HANYA TIADA BULAN LAGI! Hahahaaaaa.


Though I already miss my friends to the point of crying.
May our paths cross one day!
(In One Utama, KLCC maybe? Pavillion? Hahaaa :P )
I love you all and miss you so much already :(


I am sooo excited. I'll actually get to update more now, so yeah :D haha.

Bye people.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Ahh. Yeahh.

Had an amazing day with the class today.

Ooi, being awesome, composed a song for us, and it was so touching and so true.
We spent our money on good food. Hahaa, that's basically it. Had pizza from Pizza Hut, Kentucky F.Chicken, and Chocolate Indulgence.

Was so good to see everyone smiling, and having a good time. Halim was having so much fun cutting the cake, I swear I've never seen him happier than he was just now when cutting the cake, and of course leaving the biggest piece for himself. Then I got the last piece because when I was cutting the cake, I wanted to move it, and I accidentally dug my fingers in the side of the cake instead. Hahaaaaa, so I got the piece that I put holes in. Nisa got cake on her tudung, haha and got teased by the guys, normally. Nabila being Nabila, she got grape cordial on her chicken. Hahaha. Ilmu was insisting he got the biggest piece of cake, and he took half a bucket full of chicken and the leftover grape cordial. Haha. Saiful and Lia made the Astaka like it was home, slippers off while eating and all :P Cheah and Haz, dieters. Not really, but as usual, didn't eat much :P They didn't care when it came to cake though, irresistable! Hazmi.. well he pretty much tried to run from the camera at all times, hahaa but I still got some pictures dude! :D
Aida, crazyyyyy and awesome as always. Izra, sweet and funny like she always is. Zulaikha and Puteri, the quiet smiley faces all of us need to remind us not to be too crazy , haha.

We ate, then had a picture taking session, then ate cake, listened to Ooi's awesome song, another picture taking session and we were unfortunately interrupted by thunder, reminding us all that we hadn't taken our clothes in, and if we didn't go back, they'd get drenched. Ahh, that's life eh?

Well, here are some pictures, honestly, it was a wonderful time, and a great memory for H2P2 :)

Translated, that means "H2P2 ROCKS FOREVER! ", haha.

Just the girls. From top left: Nisa Izra, Put. From bottom left: Lia, Nabila, Ika, Aida, Keisha, Cheah and Haz.

The guys, from left: Ilmu, Saiful, Halim, Hazmi, Ooi. (Yes, they are a dying species, males.)

All of them :D

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fingers Crossed

Just submitted my entry.
I wanna see Michael Bubleeeeee.

If I don't, ah, nothing lost. :)
Isssssokeyyyy. Try maa, tryy.
Hey, it doesn't hurt to try!

Pray for me people! Pretty please :D

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Next post coming soon!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Equestrian?; I wish.

So much for me becoming an equestrienne.

The opportunity presented itself, I took it, messed up.

I fell off a horse, people. Yes.

Oh yeah, another little thing, I dislocated my left elbow too.

I shall fill you in when I have both hands to type with, :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Beat to the music, eardrums.

And when I see you,
I really see you upside down.
But my brain knows better,
It picks you up and turns you around.

If you feel discouraged,
When there's a lack of colour here,
Please don't worry lover,
It's really bursting at the seems,
From absorbing everything,
The spectrums A to Z.

from Lack of Colour - Death Cab for Cutie

We're not the same dear, as we used to be.
The seasons have changed, and so have we.
There was little we could say, and even less that we could do.
To stop the ice from getting thinner, under me and you.

We buried our love in the wintery grave,
A lump in the snow was all that remained.
Though we stayed by its side, as the days turned to weeks.
And the ice kept getting thinner with every word that we'd speak.

And when spring arrived, we were taken by surprise,
When the floes under our feet, bled into the sea,
And nothing was left for you and me.

We're not the same dear, and it seems to me.
There's nowhere we can go with nothing underneath.
Then it saddens me to say what we both knew was true,
That the ice was getting thinner, under me and you.

The ice was getting thinner, under me and you.

The Ice is Getting Thinner - Death Cab for Cutie

If you guys get the chance, please give the songs of Citizen Cope a listen. All of his songs are pure greatness.
My favourites are Sideways, Awe, Bullet and a Target, Penitentiary, Holding On, If There's Love, Lifeline and Let the Drummer Kick. Then again, all his songs are awesome, so you should listen to all of them. Have fun :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Deception Point by Dan Brown


This book is one of the only books that I can honestly say made me laugh and scream out loud. A book has never ever ever made me do that.

It's just clever. And gripping, thrilling and suspenseful. Dan Brown has this way of writing, that glued my hands to his book. I just couldn't put it down. His writing allowed me to create this amazing motion picture in my imagination that I didn't want to stop watching, despite my better intentions to put the book down and sleep!

President Zachary Herney is facing reelection and losing supporters to Senator Sedgewick Sexton because of the Senator's revelation of the harsh truths and his scrutiny over NASA's broken promises, over-budget and failed missions. The President gets Rachel Sexton (the senator's daughter), who is a gister for the NRO, involved in this amazing predicament (a serious "this will change the world" predicament) with some of the smartest people she'll ever meet, to make things right and prove that NASA is important to the country. Gisters reduce complex reports into single-page briefs, and in this case the president needs that confirmation before he broadcasts to the nation, probably ensuring his reelection. It's tricky because Rachel is the daughter of his opponent. Rachel has no choice, and joins the team, amazed to be told that a strange object had been found buried deep in the arctic ice; a meteor. And after countless tests and samples, it was proven that they had discovered fossils of organisms in that meteor; evidential of extraterrestrial life. However, Rachel Sexton and Michael Tolland (from the team), suspect something is amiss when the meteor is pulled out of its icy grave.

This book is really good. You should pick it up and read ittt! :D I will not tell you more for it will ruin everything! GOOOOO DAN BROWNNNNN! JYEAH!

Kuku kachew!

Hello and welcome 2011 :)

Bit late, I know, but hey, better late than never.

I AM ON MID SEMESTER BREAK! JYEAHHHH! A week off, and lets hope I don't waste it.

I got off last Thursday, and shot off straight to LANGKAWI with the family baybay!!!

It was so so so so wonderful. About 13 of us went, and it was amazing, nothing else to say about it.

Went swimming everyday, dug our feet in the beautiful fine sand and let the waves crash on us and drag us around like helpless little rag-dolls, haha. The waves were the biggest I've seen in a while. Though the water wasn't blue where we were staying, it was still great. The blue water was near the airport and where the cable cars place was, that, was some nicely coloured sea water man :)

And my gosh the cable car. FRIGGEN COOL. There were about 2 stations before we got to the top, then we went almost vertical to another station which brought us to the suspension bridge. The view was absolutely breathtaking the whole way. The ride itself was breath taking, like literally. I've never experienced such a quiet atmosphere. All you can hear is the wind. Have you ever heard nothing but the wind? It was like my ears were slathered in gorgeousness. Beautiful, really it was. Going up there, you're surrounded by the pure elegance of nature, lush greens, the earthy tones and silky white threads of water from the waterfall hidden behind the trees, and cool fresh air. Really, really serene :) The suspension bridge was awesome! If you stand still, you'll feel it moving with the wind and the stomping of everyone's feet. But my goodness the stairs that you have to go down from the cable car station to the suspension bridge, woooweeeh! SOOOO MANYY STEPSSSSSSS. Seriously, it was a whole lot of weathered and uneven steps to go down and climb back up. Hahaa. All was worth it though :)

Went to visit Mahsuri's tomb, and that was an interesting history lesson! Her story's so intriguing, and to me, no painted or poetic interpretation of her beauty can ever explain how beautiful she was. I just, I can't imagine. It's almost like the Mona Lisa, there's just something about that painting. You just don't know what. Like, you want to know why she's got that face on and why she was painted. But you can't know. You won't ever really know. Well it's sort of that same feeling for Mahsuri and her story. I don't know, something eerily beautiful.

Here are some pictures, I loved this trip! :)

Waves! Not the biggest I saw though, didn't catch that one on camera! Was too busy being drenched by it :P

These are my footprints; yes I have flat feet :D Doesn't this look like a book cover to you? :P

Had breakfast at Breakfast Bar on Jalan Pantai Cenang (which was where we were staying) and it had this cool thing outside its doors. Good Morning in different languages. Neat huh? :)

Cue music : DUN DUN DUNNN!!!!!
Haha, The cable car line.. alllll the way up there. Woooweeeh!

On the cable car! EEEEK!

This is the highest point I took a picture at, after that, my hands were too shaky, lol :P

The suspension bridge. Beautiful architecture right? Woooh!

Views from the bridge; what did I tell you? :D AWE-wait for it- SOME!