Monday, February 13, 2012

Tell, no tell?

Inspired by a vlog about putting one's self out there, that saw some time ago. Decided to offer my opinion(s).

Okay so there's this boy.

And there's this girl.

Girl loves boy. Boy doesn't show interest romantically.


Boy loves girl. Girl doesn't show interest romantically.

Girl doesn't know how to tell boy, because boy is her friend/good friend/best friend.
And vice versa.
You get my point.

Tell or no tell? is the question swimming around in either of their heads.


Worst case scenario, they say I like you as a friend, so lets just stay that way.
Things get awkward and you're never the same around each other again.


No tell:
Stay friends and be happy with the way things are, nothing was wrong with it in the first place right?


But, would you rather look back saying "Yeah, it didn't happen. I tried."

or spend your whole life thinking

"What if I told him?" or "What if I told her?"
"Would things be different?"

I don't know.
How about you?

For now, if I was in this predicament, I say I'd rather keep the friendship that ruin anything.
But maybe I'll change my mind when I'm 70, thinking whether that crush was the one that got away.
Lol, katy perry song quote. Niceee :P

The subject matter of this random entree, is subjective. And risky.

Aih, life :P

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Love, the Quichemeister.

Need to come up with some valentine presents for the loved ones :)

Not actually getting into the Valentine's thing, many schools of thought on it. But I do it just for fun, nothing spiritually involved, I guess you could say?

I mean, it's been a day that I've thought since forever to be about celebrating the shape that we all associate with love, which is this:

That's all it is to me really, :) Giving someone some love! Haha, mind you I could actually do this on any day of the year, but then it wouldn't be a Valentine-y present. I don't know. I stand by my reasoning :D

So, I have a couple ideas up my sleeve, one involving clay, and the other paper. I'm partially inclined to the clay idea, although it is more expensive.

And as someone told me, its the thought that counts Keisha! Still, if its the thought that counts, well, I have two thoughts, and it'd be better if its a nicer, more expensive thought right? haha. And so I'll realize the nice, expensive thought, if all goes well.

A week to go, and then show everyone some love :D

Please refer to blog title for blogentry-ending salutations.

Friday, February 3, 2012


I miss this place.
I think the last time I was there, was about 2 years ago.

And I dearly miss it.

I miss the air in the morning.

I miss the trees bowing down to the lake water.

I miss the smooth rocks under the cool gushing waters of the waterfalls.

When I'll go back I don't know, but I hope it'll be soon :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Snap Crack and Fizzle!

Camera's. Photography.
One of my ultimate pleasures in life. I said one of. haha :D

So, currently have my eye on a film camera (because it's so awesomely vintage, I simply must own it) and also a replacement (maybe, or addition) for my Nikon D5000.

The Nikon D5000 is really, an amazing camera. No doubt about that, but what really stresses me out is when I'm capturing things that are moving fast, or babies, or toddlers, or even just normal pictures in general, the autofocus just outright FAILS me. Completely. I need a beautiful, fast autofocus function so that I won't miss those it-usually-happens-only-once moments like a unique smile that a baby makes when he's sleeping because he's probably quote "dreaming about a milk fountain" (source: big brother, on his newborn son aka my nephew).

It's so sad having to tell people to hold their pose for at least 10 seconds before my camera is ready for me to take a shot. Its, frustrating more than sad, honestly.

"Ok, satuuuu.... duaaa.... tigaaa! Eh, kejap eh, jap! jap! jap!!!" (camera still focusing) "Haih, jap ehhhh. Ha! Ok! 1,2 3 !" *snap*

So, I read some reviews, and this camera, this wondrously suave, old school looking camera with kick ass modern innards just did three simple things :
#1 caught my eye
#2 made me fall in love

Introducing (my next camera, InsyaAllah) the Olympus Pen EP-3, in matte white with a slab of delectable caramel just to sweeten things up. Yummy. :D

It's autofocus is supposed to be super fast and completely reliable. And the photos that have been taken with it are super amazing. And it fits in your palm. I would really love to have this camera. Haih. Well of course the autofocus isn't the only reason. It's the first camera where olympus has developed most of its innards and it's therefore better. I'm no expert on the technicalities of it all but it means thats good. HD recording? Yes please :) So completely besotted. Not to sound materialistic (hehe, too late for that huh?) but my life is empty when bereft of this magnificent gadget. However, money wise, it's going to take a while before i get my hands on this one.

On the other hand, going completely retro, I've ALWAYS been in to Lomography, and vintage looking photographs because, you get bored of stunningly crisp high megapixeled-camera shots and sometimes find yourself in dire need of some grainy, character-filled photograph goodness. And you can get those kind of pictures with a film camera. What camera ? Film camera? Yes, a film camera, the ones we used to bring on school trips in the 90's? Before digital camera's came out? Oh never mind, I'll show you.

The above, my friends, is the Fed 5B, Soviet era, film camera. It's just amazing. I absolutely love the look of it, reminds me of my grandfather and his love of cameras and photography. He has one almost like this from back in the day, with the huge flash attached to the hot-shoe and everything. One of the reasons I'm going to get it. See that, determination. I'm saving up to get this one. Don't care, it's too full of character, Love it. It's an easier goal as opposed to the money I'd have to save to get the Olympus PEN EP3, I'd have to work a couple of months before I'd have that kind of money. But this one, more within my reach :)

Obviously these kind of camera's (in my opinion) are not to be used on a daily basis, due to the logistics of having to develop pictures at a lab, and well, frankly that costs money :D haha, although there are some labs that can scan the pictures instead of develop them nowadays, but where's the authenticity in that right? Another thing that I love about this camera is that I can experiment with different kinds of films. Films that boost colour, increase contrast, slightly fade colours, lomo-fy photos, monochromatic films. All sorts, and that excites me!

I might resort to the option of requesting scanned pictures instead of developed ones when I am severely out of cash to splurge, not that I have much to begin with, (no Umi and Bab, you give me plenty, not complaining, haha) as I have a VERY hard time saving :P However with the new goal in mind, I'll persevere and see what happens.

Well, there you go.
A materialistic post ! Once in while, tis good for the soul. Non? :)