Friday, May 11, 2012

And the rest, as they say...

Tomorrow, let it be known. Let it be marked, as a day of celebration. A day of enjoyment, and a day of recognition.

A miraculous event will come upon us tomorrow, an event not to be forgotten.

It will be the day, that I, Keisha Mustaffa, finally embark on a journey that has most probably already been bestowed upon many.

I will finally, go camping.


Quite the hype I made eh?

The thing is, I'm extremely excited. I've never been camping before, yes, unbelievable I know, believe me. I was never allowed because once my older brother went camping and came back with dengue. After that, camping just wasn't an option anymore, unless it was my father that took us. Sadly, we never got around to doing it. Timing was never good.

Myself, being the squealing wretch that I am when it comes to insects of the sort, getting dirty and getting sweaty, I didn't mind not being able to go camping.

However, ever since last semester when a few of my classmates shared with me their experiences in camp together, playing war water balloon games in the jungle and all that jazz, I started to wonder whether I was missing something awesome by not ever having been camping. That's where the feeling of needing to try it out for myself arose.

I mustered up the courage to ask my parents, and once I got the green light from my mother I needed to pass the tough task of getting my father to let me go camping. I persuaded him somehow, and he said I could go, which made me a happy camper. Pun intended :D

So here I am, a soon-to-be ex-first-time-camper, telling you that I am excited. 20 years old and finally getting to go for a camping trip.

We're going to Cherating, Pahang, to a turle sanctuary.
And since all my german video project group members are going to be there too, we've decided to shoot in Cherating. Can't wait for that either !  Gonna be awesome!!

Toodles, :)



This is what a musician is.
This guy is good. 

Haha, sedap gila, and funny at the same time. Most of all, so sexy :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Semangat sikit.

There's a post on my blog that has 11000+ views. I hope my eyes are okay. But that's what it says!

\(O.O)/   (surprised and happy)

It was a book review on Michelle Moran's Nefertiti. Crazy, haha. 

And I'm glad that my JPA interview tips blogposts got just under 100 views total. Hope they helped whoever read them!

I do have to say I absolutely do not feel comfortable with the new layout of blogger, but I have to admit I'm loving the new features. The view count thing is very cool. But I hate the layout !

Anyhoo, yes. 

Will blog on the weekend, now's study time :) 

till next time .