Saturday, February 23, 2013


I've been keeping myself occupied this semester break, quite well, I might add. 
To date, I have sewed 5 pencil cases and 2 blouses. I've worked and will almost every day of February, with the exception of next Friday as I will be on leave for awesome purposes :D 

I have yet, however, to make, yes, make, a notebook for myself. 

I've failed with Project 365. Well, I haven't failed it completely, I just stalled on collecting the photos. And it's been too long since I organized my photo's by date, I'll try and pick it up again when I find my daily pictures for the past month. 

I have also a new resolution :) I feel I've become too attached to gadgets and the internet. Therefore, every time I have free time, I'll pull out a book instead of popping up a game on the iPad, or surfing YouTube for no reason whatsoever. It's going quite well. I'm expecting to finish Life of Pi tomorrow, and let me just share something with you. I forget how amazing reading is, really I do. Just today, when I started reading Life of Pi again, I found myself imagining the book play out in my head, and mind you it wasn't the actual movie I was imagining, but the movie that I made in my head, myself, based on the few chapters that I'd read. It was really entertaining and I felt like I couldn't wait to get back to the book to continue that movie in my head. I had to remind myself that it wasn't a movie I'd get back to, but a book. 

The mind is wonderful!