Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beau Ideal

She had the most peculiar eyes; yet they were perfect. Beautiful; hypnotizing. A light shade of violet, with a shimmer of gray lining the edges of her irises. Her slightly arched eyebrows ran until slightly below her temples. They were dark and prominent and framed her face perfectly; a face that exuded beauty. Her lips, decorated with luscious deep velvet red, were such a wonderful contrast against her almond bronze complexion. Locks of her hair, dark and silk like, draped her forehead and flowed voluminously down to her shoulders; slightly covering her collar bone. Her sandy pink dress was one that left her shoulders bare, strong but feminine.
Her stature about five foot seven complimented by a statuesque figure was impossibly gorgeous.
She was like a character out of an old movie classic, only much more beautiful. She was the beau ideal of women in my eyes. Though her demeanour was somewhat vainglorious, who woud not be, with suck strikingly lovely features. And that was just her comely appearance.

Just beautiful. In every sense of the word.

Elephant and Hippopotamus Juice.

I dont really know what's going on.

Though I'll settle for seeing him happy.

I only say that I don't...but I really still do.
Who could believe such a lie. Seriously. I'll be in this state for a long time.

But hey, I'm absolutely fine. Never better. I'm surrounded by people who are constantly making me smile and my two perpetual pillars, I cherish them so.

It just feels like a painful void at times. Black, and hostile. Sometimes.

I forget about it most of the time.
But when it pays me a visit, the center of this void feels like it is being twisted and pulled further inside me. Drilling almost.

But like I said. I am fine. Never better.
I know I'll get over it one day.

The best part is, I don't know who I am writing about.
I know them.

But I don't know which one.

Friday, August 14, 2009


This blog entry has absolutely nothing to do with the title that I decided to bestow upon it.

I've often wondered:

1. Why people felt the need to evolve drawings into alphabets/words.

2. When people realized education is important.

3. How people discovered that a tree can be used to make paper. How did they process it?

4. How did the Egyptians make their drawings jut out (like its embossed) from the ancient walls; did they carve around the symbol? Wouldn't that mean they had to carve out the whole wall and leave the symbol un-carved?

5. Why chewing gum was invented. I mean, if you think about it, what's the point of it existing? Not that I don't LUB chewing gum...

6. When the first play was performed.

7. What my life would be like if I were to be born a boy.

8. Why and how people felt the need to invent instruments.

9. When people discovered humour.

10. How a prodigy's brain functions.

11. What it would feel like to be a synaesthete. I bet it would be amazing.

12. How I would carry out the perfect crime. (Not that I'm planning to do so in the distant future)

13. If I'll ever finish Grade 8 piano and be able to sight read well.

14. How soap was even begun to be thought about to clean one's self. Why didn't they settle for water? Or that plant that squirts shampoo when you squeeze it. And when they discovered that, how did they start wondering how to recreate it using chemicals.

15. How did they find all the chemicals in the world?

Ahh, just a few of my random thoughts... :D

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Zaman Kekerasan Air Ketiga

Went to watch Ice Age three just now.
Apparently, TGV, GSC and all other major motion picture screeners can get rid of all their fancy projectors, screens and equipment. They don't friggen need them anymore!

Would you like to know why?

They can all hire the man that was sitting behind my father and I!!

He was telling the whole theater what happened, was happening and what was going to happen. Amazing new technology his gob is. It doesn't require any kind of maintanance. Just shove that big gob with rice, lemak cili padi and an occasional candy bar and you're good to go.

So annoying.

Where do these people come from? Seriously!!!

I feel your pain Firas. Vada man :D i love that word.