Friday, March 18, 2011

Ahh. Yeahh.

Had an amazing day with the class today.

Ooi, being awesome, composed a song for us, and it was so touching and so true.
We spent our money on good food. Hahaa, that's basically it. Had pizza from Pizza Hut, Kentucky F.Chicken, and Chocolate Indulgence.

Was so good to see everyone smiling, and having a good time. Halim was having so much fun cutting the cake, I swear I've never seen him happier than he was just now when cutting the cake, and of course leaving the biggest piece for himself. Then I got the last piece because when I was cutting the cake, I wanted to move it, and I accidentally dug my fingers in the side of the cake instead. Hahaaaaa, so I got the piece that I put holes in. Nisa got cake on her tudung, haha and got teased by the guys, normally. Nabila being Nabila, she got grape cordial on her chicken. Hahaha. Ilmu was insisting he got the biggest piece of cake, and he took half a bucket full of chicken and the leftover grape cordial. Haha. Saiful and Lia made the Astaka like it was home, slippers off while eating and all :P Cheah and Haz, dieters. Not really, but as usual, didn't eat much :P They didn't care when it came to cake though, irresistable! Hazmi.. well he pretty much tried to run from the camera at all times, hahaa but I still got some pictures dude! :D
Aida, crazyyyyy and awesome as always. Izra, sweet and funny like she always is. Zulaikha and Puteri, the quiet smiley faces all of us need to remind us not to be too crazy , haha.

We ate, then had a picture taking session, then ate cake, listened to Ooi's awesome song, another picture taking session and we were unfortunately interrupted by thunder, reminding us all that we hadn't taken our clothes in, and if we didn't go back, they'd get drenched. Ahh, that's life eh?

Well, here are some pictures, honestly, it was a wonderful time, and a great memory for H2P2 :)

Translated, that means "H2P2 ROCKS FOREVER! ", haha.

Just the girls. From top left: Nisa Izra, Put. From bottom left: Lia, Nabila, Ika, Aida, Keisha, Cheah and Haz.

The guys, from left: Ilmu, Saiful, Halim, Hazmi, Ooi. (Yes, they are a dying species, males.)

All of them :D

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fingers Crossed

Just submitted my entry.
I wanna see Michael Bubleeeeee.

If I don't, ah, nothing lost. :)
Isssssokeyyyy. Try maa, tryy.
Hey, it doesn't hurt to try!

Pray for me people! Pretty please :D