Tuesday, June 26, 2012


This was fun to do :) I recently bought a touch pen for RM5 for my iPad, and decided to test it out by writing a blog entry :) App used was Notability. It'll be too small if I shrink it to fit the size of this blog, so I'm afraid you'll have to click it to enlarge and read it :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

And with effort, comes the result. Desired or unexpected though?

After hard work and effort.

The FEELING of it paying off is wonderful but induces anxiousness.

Then comes the result, the ever so longed for result.

Whether satisfaction, or dissatisfaction, something unexpected or a pleasant surprise awaits, only God knows.

So long as you know you transcribed the information and translated it into ink on paper, as best you possibly could.

Whenever that is the case, that you gave it all you possibly could, the outcome will always be positive. Think about it. You gave it all you could have. That means you studied by talking, making cool notes, reading and re reading and memorising the reading again to get it in your brain and then recapping key concepts and then trying some questions to get used to the format, doing past year papers of the subject, until you can say and understand it, until its at your fingertips. Now that sounds like bloody acing your test to me.

So I hope that I can say this to myself whenever I finish a test " I did the best I could" and really mean it. Being honest with yourself and other that you actually DID do the best you could have done, is a difficult thing. I admit, I've lied about it before to make myself feel better. But it kills me inside to know: "If that is what I achieved after a certain amount of last minute limited time of studying, imagine what i could have acheived if I studied even more."

This is me, saying it's never too late, and better late than never, changing my ways. I've neglected my old self and let this big ugly dark shadow control me. Now, I feel like it's time to change something. To get back on track, with what I know my life is supposed to be like. No more wasting time thinking about things that I shouldn't be thinking about, getting worked up about silly little things when others have it so much worse, and finally getting rid of this avalanche of laziness inside me.

Gotta start somewhere, and sometime.
I'm going to TRY to do it now, :)



Wednesday, June 13, 2012

There's grass in this soap from nowhere.

Today was wonderful.

Going to the lake for filming.
Going for lunch with awesome people.
And going for some "This is how we do it Malaysian style" cendol by the road.

A day filled with laughs and craziness.

It was such a comfortable time to be in. No tomorrow type of thing. Very satisfyingly cool.

Thanks to Haidhar for letting us abuse the car. And there was also the time we couldn't get the car started because the gear was stuck on P. Haha, oh yes and congratulations on not being a P driver anymore :)

Thanks to Masila for being our punching bag today, HAHA, so fun :D

Thanks to Imran for just being the kind of person who would walk to the roadside and try to thumb up a ride while we're waiting in the car laughing our asses off.

And thank you to Taufiq for being the laughing stock of the filming session. hahaaaa.

Thanks to everybodeh for a good time today :) Lavvvvditttttt!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Home once more to felines.

The cat is back in my ceiling. I can hear it scratching away :D

Wooo Joyah 2.0 !

If you have no idea as to what I am referring (is that right? or maybe I should just say "If you have no idea what I am referring to") , please see this :  It's In My Ceiling, which is a story of how, 2 years ago, a cat made it's way into my ceiling. Yes, you read right. My ceiling. Go on. Go on. Read it then! ;)

Till later,

I actually said bye with a meow.
How sad.

I'll leave it there for you to decide how weird I am.



Maybe the open top double decker bus was invented when mummies invaded london.

London, 2011.

 Nostalgia strikes. Alhamdulillah I had the privilege to be there and for that I am eternally grateful. To Allah SWT for willing it. To my parents, who let me go, who trusted me, who supported me. To my aunt and uncle, who trusted me well enough to travel with their daughter. To my cousin for coming with and making the trip that much more wonderful than it already was. To my family in England, who took us in, who fed us, who helped us and made us feel more welcome and more at home than being in a foreign place can allow.

It's been a year now, and I almost can't believe it. I can still remember it being bright as day at 8pm, the cold spring nights and the beautiful walks around the lake.

Reminiscing over that wonderful, wonderful time and how great it felt to be there.
Traveling is a really awesome thing to do, wherever you go, and each and every trip has a different meaning and a different story to it. Like these photos which I took on some recent trips. All of them mean something different to me, and all of them bring back memories of awesome, even some weird and or scary times too.

Sky Bridge, Gunung Mat Chinchang, Langkawi, 2011.

Morib Gold Coast, Banting, 2012. 

Samila Beach, Songkhla, Thailand, 2012.

I dream of traveling everywhere, then again, I think everyone does. Going to see a foreign country is always an enlightening experience. Next trip for myself, I think I want to go here:

Bruges. (Image from google search)

My heart just flutters looking at this picture. I've always been intrigued by medieval times and it's said that Bruges is one of the most well preserved Medieval towns in Europe. Love. Well, a girl can dream :) 

Maybe I'll go backpacking. HAHA. Pfft. I know. Me? Backpack? Who knows. 
Like I said, I can dream, non?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

There's a longing.

I really want to change my blog's look. Give it a new hairstyle or something, you get me?
But every time I try, I keep changing it back to this. Simple and white and boring. My blog is actually most probably one of the most boring blogs to have ever occupied space on the internet, if not the most boring of all.

I was reading some tips about how not to make your blog boring. And one of them was "Don't write extremely long blog posts without pictures" and I was just like, DAMMIT. I just found that out by the way, the word dammit. I spelt it damnit hitherto. I've only oticed today that spellcheck underlines damnit in red, but it accepts dammit. Further research veered towards dammit being the right way to spell it. I just think damnit looks better. I don't know. Oh god, how is it possible that I can just hop from one subject to another even while typing? Fun though.

Back to the topic at hand.


Speaking of boring (here I go again), I don't know about you lot, but I often hear people say, "Aku boring doh", and I never fail to laugh at this. I do occasionally nod and say "Yes, YES you are boring." if i do not like the person who said it :D

But if you think about it, being bored, is completely different than being boring yes? Therefore the context of the word boring is wrongly understood in the phrase (I call it phrase because it has become one) "Aku boring".  People perceive it as 'Oh, she has nothing to do, she's bored'. The latter thought would be the case had the person of discussion said "Aku bored do". I suppose it sounds very peculiar to say it like that, "Aku bored". Very, gramatically incorrect. However bear in mind we're speaking broken English already, so let's just toss grammar to the wind shall we? After all, broken English is where we say things like

1. "Same like me!" which is a literal translation of 'Sama seperti saya.'
2. "My one" which is not really a literal translation but means " Saya punya". Literally translated that would be 'I have'.
3. "Masa dah time". REALLY? -_-  This means "Time's up"
4. "Cuba try test" or more fondly pronounced "chetrai/chetraites" which means "Why don't you give it a try?". This is my personal favourite :)

which are all completely grammatically unsound, haha. It is a hazard to grammatical health I'm afraid.
I personally love speaking in broken English. I hope I'm using the correct term here, broken English, to describe the mixing of words of our mother tongue with English words. Broken English can be a lot of things, so I think I'm good.

But this is sort of what I'm getting at.
BANGOLOW!! -photo from photobucket
Weheyy, a picture!! Finally Keisha, a picture! Cue gospel choir angel sounds. 

Well anyway, from a broing blog to the wrong usage of the brothers and sisters of the word bore. 

This is me,  signing out. 
Not bored :) 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Are you seriously serious?

I'm quite sure you've known, for ages maybe.

If you do know, tell me.
Put me out of my misery and tell me.

Because I'm scared to tell you.
I'm scared I'll lose you if you don't feel it too.

Years of holding it in hasn't made it easier on me.

Just tell me already. Please

Baby Toitles

I absolutely loved the trip to Cherating :)

Ask any of my friends who came along,  I was giddy and kiddy and happy the entire trip. Give me a break, it was my first time camping.

But we didn't really "camp". The wind and rain were too harsh on our tents, so they all kept blowing away even with our stuff in them. Girls slept in the surau and the guys slept wherever there was space ie dining table, dining benches and concrete floor. Ahh, such chivalry :D haha.

Not going to post much about the trip, but I will say that it was breathtaking MasyaAllah.

The beach in the morning, was beautiful. I've never seen water so blue :) Even the ocean in Langkawi when the family went last year wasn't as blue and turquoise-y. Beautiful. And the sand, my goodness it was fine ! And uber hot, had to run across it and the soles of my feet were extremely flushed!

The baby turtles were little amazeballs filled will adorableness. Letting them find their way into the big blue was bittersweet and nothing less than a remarkable experience, one that I'll definitely remember forever.

All in all, wonderful experience, would gladly do it again.

How blue is that? And that gorgeous green hued tint in the front? Magical! I swear, this came straight from the camera, no editing. The wind was perfect too. Blissful.

Love it! 

One of the turtles being taken care of in the sanctuary. It's head reminds me of an ancient reptile or a bird sometimes. Has a beautiful pattern on its shell, and also its limbs. Very pretty and or handsome. :) 

The little ball lookalikes in the blue plastic bag are turtle eggs. They were like pingpong balls with hot jelly in them, mushy but strong enough to handle with your hands. You can see some eggs already in the hole, they were transferring them in there from the plastic bag. This is what they call incubation, and this area is located away from the beach area, and in the resort. It keeps the eggs safe from threats that come in both human and animal forms if simply left where the turtle originally laid its eggs on the beach. 

Pretty eh? :)

Got to love morning silhouettes. 

Showing some toitle love. 

Now this one's just a show off, pfft. Just like the guy holding it. The toitle actually posed, clever little thing. 

This one was my toitle :) I named it Rahrah. hehe. I released another one as well, that ones name was Doodles. 

How freaking adorable is that? 

Sad thing is, the founder of the sanctuary said that only around 18 or so from the 50+ baby turtles we released into the ocean may survive. Therefore, Doodles and RahRah, I hope you remain strong throughout your lives and live a long happy life down in the deep turquoise sea. 

Keisha aka Turtle :)