Friday, February 27, 2009

The Breath of Babies

A pool of fresh water, about two meters deep, glistening as the light hits its surface. Surrounding it, the matted green of perfect, soft grass compliments the many inflorescence's of baby's breath, forming wisps of white like foamy mist gently covering the ground. Winged creatures as pretty as the petals of the amaryllis flutter past the bleeding hearts and fairy fans, shimmering in the light. Incandescence, permeating a netting of leaves, hits the calm water and I stand there, soaking up the divine, celestial beauty of it all. The air, crisp,fresh and sweet, fills my nostrils and sends a sense of relief and clarity through my body as a certain quietude exuded the place where I would reside in dreams.


Life isn't difficult,
Not when you're grateful,
For what you have,
For what's been given to you.

Life isn't the slightest bit as difficult,
As the lives of people,
Who don't have shelter to feel safe in,
Who don't have the comfort of being in their mothers arms,
Who don't have food to fill their empty stomach's

We often say,
I myself do to,
That life is so stressful,
Life is difficult.
As a matter of fact, we have it easy.
People stricken with poverty,
Living a life that has never included luxury in the equation,
They rarely ever complain, they never give up.

Yet when we have all the things that we do,
All the many amenities available,
Fret and whine,
Frown and grunt,
That's all we ever do.
When in truth we have to think
" There are people in the world,
Suffering from worse conditions, I'll pray for them,
I should be grateful for what I have,
To all my bad thoughts, good riddens"

Life isn't difficult
You're just going through thorny bushes
Beyond awaits sweet victory
Vast green meadows, serenity.
The thorns that hurt you along your journey,
Will fall if you leave them, they can be removed if you chose to dismiss them.
They'll leave a mark, no doubt,
But where will those thorns be when you're rolling on the grass in the meadow beyond?
They'll be forgotten, laying on the ground where you left them,
And that is where they will stay.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cheek to Cheek

Heaven, I'm in heaven
And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak
And I seem to find the happiness I seek
When were out together dancing cheek to cheek
Heaven, I'm in heaven
And the cares that hung around me through the week
Seem to vanish like a gamblers lucky streak
When were out together dancing (swinging) cheek to cheek
Oh I love to climb a mountain
And reach the highest peak
But it doesn't thrill (boot) me half as much
As dancing cheek to cheek
Oh I love to go out fishing
In a river or a creek
But I don't enjoy it half as much
As dancing cheek to cheek
(come on and) dance with me
I want my arm(s) about you
That (those) charm(s) about you
Will carry me through...
(right up) to heaven, I'm in heaven
And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak
And I seem to find the happiness I seek
When were out together dancing, out together dancing (swinging)
Out together dancing cheek to cheek

Finally, I have found the song I've been looking for for about a year now! Haha, I didn't know it could be found so easily a year ago. Hihi. Me loves this song :) Very nice

A Bizarre Discovery

I was browsing for pictures to inclued in my Art Folio when I came across a very very adorable picture with the caption " Fish with arms and legs...". I immediately searched the same caption on the web and found tht the animal was infact real, and is called Axolotl. IT'S SO ADORABLE. Well at least the pink ones are :)

Found in Mexico, the Axolotl, or Ambystoma mexicanum is a neotenic salamander blonging to the Tiger Salamander complex. Neotenic means that it reaches sexual maturity without undergoing metamorphosis. Larvae of this species fail to undergo metamorphosis so they remain aquatic and have gills as adults. They can regenerate most of their body parts and breed easily too. :) Dont confuse them with waterdogs or mudpuppies, though their all part of the same family, they arent the same. AXOLOTL'S ARE CUTER :) Except for the , umm, unnatractive ones of course. *Shivers* They look like their half toad half alien. I swear.

ISN'T IT ADORABLE?! :) I name this one Squeaky :) I love Squeakyy !

This ones alright I suppose :P I'll name it, Monet.

Auwww, you know Axolotl's always look like they're smiling for some odd reason! haha.
Hmm, this one will be called, Mr Hyde ! :) Hahaha.


Friday, February 20, 2009

762 Miles Away

I won't bring it up,
I won't mention a thing.

I'll just say,
You didn't have to say those words to me,
Even though I hope you didnt mean them.


I've come to realize,
How much you miss someone once they're gone,
Even if you feel like their absence won't affect you,
You find that it's their presence keeps you strong.
I've come to realize that,
This someone has been the only person,
That I can confide in,
That I can laugh with,
That I can cry with,
That I can turn to when things aren't going as planned.
Though I know you will be home soon,
I can't wait to be wrapped in your arms,
For I miss the comfort of being near you.
I miss you, Umi.

Friday, February 13, 2009


My friend Nadia had recommended the book Hope by Lesley Pearse for me to read, telling me that it was an extremely good book. I have to admit that I was skeptical about it being good, and my skepticism had only been further supported when I laid eyes on the book. IT IS MASSIVE. 658 pages long, it looked to be - to quote Georgia from the movie Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, in a different context- beyond the valley of thickness and impossible to be read. But I put my doubt and laziness to one side and opened the book for the first time; I was almost immediately engrossed.

Every page got more and more intriguing and I found it very hard to let go of the book let alone shut it, however tired my eyes were.

Hope is about a child, living proof of her mother, Lady Harvey's adultery. It was her fate to die a stillborn. But soon, Lady Harvey's maid Nell Renton, discovered that the baby was not dead at all. Since it was to be kept a secret from Lady Harvey that the baby, who Nell named Hope, was alive, Nell brought the child back to her Mother, Meg for she knew Meg would provide Hope with love and care. As predicted, Meg took Hope in like one of her own and brought her up as a Renton.

The story goes on to tell how Hope, unaware of her true identity, was brought up in the Renton family, how she was blackmailed to leave her home and never come back and her tough struggles in life. Even as a nurse while there was a terrible cholera epidemic and later on in the battlefields of the Crimea, in such unfavourable conditions, she proved to be a woman with remarkable strength and determination. Showered with heart-warming, heart-breaking, exciting, sometimes gloomy and suspenseful moments, this book is an awesome read that doesn't bore. You feel like you are able to see Hope growing throughout the book and how mature and intelligent she was well before she became an adult.

All in all, Lesley Pearse definitely did not disappoint, and Hope is indubitably a character that I will never forget. A truly wonderful read :) Thanks Nadia.