Monday, May 30, 2011


Kung Fu Panda 2 was better than I expected.

"Inner piece of what?"

Haha, oh that line was awesome :)

I know I promised like lots of blogging but I do not have a clue on blogging topics.


Sorry, KFP (Kung Fu Panda) syndrome. Super sneak attack that was, if you didn't figure it out.

I reallllyy REALLLY want Po's little stuffed panda. I want it SUPER bad.

Daia, I really do blame you for my incessant use of the word 'super'. It sounded cool when you said it, and now, its stuck. I try to stop. But its something I do subconsciously now. Damnit.

Saw POTC, awesome, I mean, hello, Johnny Depp=AWESOMENESS.

Oh, Johnny Depp XD

Oh yes, I think the Baskin Robbins "Happy Ice Cream Cake to you" commercials you see in the cinema, have two ridiculous things about it.

One: Is it me or is the guy in that commercial RIDICULOUSLY handsome? The one who brings the cake out at the start. At the start, I was like, EH, he's ok. But later on in the commercial, I'm like DAYUM. Haha. I literally drool at the sight of him, man. Not the ice cream cake, him.
Clever Baskin Robbins people.

Two: I think the song is completely ridiculous. -_- Happy ice cream cake to you? Whhatt? Haha. Ohhh, but do not fret my friends, the gardenia songs still, gives me nightmares. I LOATHE that song. Sheesh.

Here's the link to the commercial.

Well, ramblings, cease. :)