Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It wasn't as HORRIBLE as I thought it would've been.
All thanks to you:


and I apologize if I've forgotten anybody. Very sorry, but I think you're all up there.

And thank you to the participants for supporting us by joining, you were all good sports and you did wonderfully :) Absolutely hilarious watching you! Very entertaining, hope no one has a concussion though!!!


Till next time
as always

Keishaaaaa or or or Iman :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I was playing House of the Rising Sun - the only song I know how to play from start to finish-, I'm Yours (i just found the chords), Breathe Me and Stay..

Made me calm :) Felt cool playing the guitar. Real cool, haha.

Need to learn new songs though, on the piano as well, all the old ones are getting boring, honestly. I NEED to practice more. Practical exam's in 3 months!!!!! Oh My Dot. Haih, so many scales, so little time. I LOATHE scales. I really do. I'll give you a little look at what I am OBLIGATED, no, FORCED to play.

For every scale on the above page, I have to play 4 times.
For example, C sharp minor up there, you notice it goes up and down, well, mine goes up four times, and comes back down. And I have 5 more pages of the above to memorize. Hahahaa. But it's fun. At least the examiner won't ask me to play ALLLL of them. haha.

Oh, piano. I've been playing for eleven years and I still suck. Haih, :P

I'll practice ,more, I promise :D
Scouts Honour.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oh Dangit

The hecticity is not over.
It's just beginning.

But hey, let's not complain.
Roll with the punches we shall.

Masqueraded Supersapien :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's In My House (The Sequel to "It's In My Ceiling")

The kitties in my ceiling, traveled into my mother's ceiling, god knows how.
I told my parents
"YESSS! I'm not delusional :) ! "
They laughed.
My father climbed, yes, he CLIMBED into the ceiling through this hole in the ceiling of our landing upstairs, but found nothing because there was this barrier up there. But the meowing didn't stop.

My eldest brother and my father went on the roof to see if they could see the cats by lifting the tiles of the roof up. But, unfortunately, that was unsuccessful as well because underneath the roof tiles is a sort of foil and other layers of other materials of the insulating kind.

My mother then suggested calling the Fire Brigade. My father agreed. He called, and explained about the kitties in the ceiling. The Fire Brigade phone man said they'd come as soon as they put out a fire somewhere.

True enough, the Fire Brigade came, with the Fire Truck, and ten firefighters :)
It was so so so so so so so cool.

My little brother said " This is the BEST night of my life..." upon seeing the gigantuous fire truck parked in front of our house; his eyes practically popping out of their sockets and his jaw practically on the ground; in excitement.

So four firefighters went upstairs to have a look-see. They went up in the ceiling through the same way my father did. Around five minutes later, I heard a loud meowing and the firefighter brought down a little black kitten! He said there were more up there but they'd ran away already. So, they rescued a little kitten from my ceiling :D It was really adorable to see such brave men, tough, brave men, rescue a little kitten :) Amusing, but very cool :)

One of the firefighters that came just happend to be cute :D hahaaa. but the kitten that they brought down made my night. Its so adorableee! ADORABLE!!! It's very dark brown, under the light, and has black pupils with blue irises, and is the size of my foot. ADORABLE! We (my little brother and I) took it into my room and started praying that we could keep it, and my father said we could!!!!! Both of us were over the moon, and still are. But, it misses its mother very much and still needs milk from the mother but the mother is nowhere to be found:(

So, my father and little brother took it to the vet and it turns out the little kitty has diarrhea :(
And the vet gave us some immunity medication for us to give little kitty and my father bought some milk for it, so it seems to be getting better. The little kitty is a male :) The vet says :)

If any of you remember, I said I'd name my next cat Guy de Maupassant, but, due to the cirucumstances leading up to this point, we've decided to call it Rooftop.

And I came up with its full name and nickname.

Rooftop Boogie

Nickname: Roof or Roofie

So, another member added to the family :)

Rocky Balboa; 3 years old
Sunny Baudelaire; 2 years old
Rooftop Boogie; 1 month old

I love kucing :)

Friday, April 17, 2009


My gosh what a week it has been.
The school magazine photo shoot is finally over; thanks to ALL, faithful, great, Elit Movers, the two days were not only productive but fun-filled. Love you all :D Gratitude, gratitude. Thank you to Pn Fairuz Asyikin as well, for stepping in as our cool SR teacher, :)

Thank you to all SMK TTDI Jaya-ians, to thoe who cooperated and were very patient when their teachers didnt show up.

Thank you to all teacher's of SMK TTDI Jaya for making their photo one of the best to organize, and for making our day. Mr Shan looked awesome with the afro :) Pn Fauzilah, Pn Hasnah and Pn Norsham rocked the sunglasses and mask ;)

Sidang Redaksi, again, thank you so much for making things run, and for telling me to stop talking so fast :D hahaa.

Sarah, Aisyah, Khairani, Dahiyah, Nadia, Alia, Zati, Adila, Maryam, Aeisyah, Tasha, Emma, Fatin, Azeem, Syafiq, Aiman, Adnin, Sheikh, Hijaz, Haziq, Adli, Farhan, Faiz, Rafiq, Hafizul, Zikry, Azraei, Reuel, and everybody else, MUCHOS GRACIAS.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Toile en Blanc; Blank Canvas

I'm spreading the paint of my emotions on this canvas. In french :)

juste parce que vous le portez, ne signifie pas que vous pouvez parler de d'autres. je vous montre du doigt. vous faites le même. vous recouvrez mais vous montrez les courbes sur votre corps, chacun. et vous faites des choses qui font les gens questionner votre éventaire, questionner vos méthodes et théories à avec cela. vous, sont embarrassants, dans une voie. j'ai fait mal moi-même. je ne ferai ces wrongs plus et je me suis amélioré, mais s'il vous plaît, vous regarde, avant que vous ouvrez votre bouche d'elle.

haha the translator is not reliable but at least my thoughts have been liberated :D theres something about market booths in there, when I initially wrote about something entirely different, but it's alright. I feel better :)


Friday, April 3, 2009

It's In My Ceiling

I heard scratching noises on my roof on the night of 30th of April.
It wasn't really scary at the time.
The scratching didn't stop.
I got home at around 3 on the 31st. I heard the scratching again, until night came.
I was beginning to think it was scary.
The next day, at around 5.00pm, I heard a cat meowing in low tone.
I stood on my bed to see if it was coming from my ceiling.
It was.


A cat?! Above the plaster of my ceiling? Squished between the plaster and the roof of my house?!
What the hell.

As I was thinking all of the above,
I heard
three little meows.


She gave birth in there?

So yes, now, I am listening to the mama cat, and her little babies scratching and meowing away, sandwiched between two ceilings. I wonder how it got there, the mama cat.

The funny thing is, I feel like these cats are, mine. I mean, I feel attached to them somehow. I don't know. Well the mama cat did choose to reside above MY room.
Its nice to know that new life has been brought into the world, its sort of calming, in a sense. I always wonder what they're doing up there. Those little kitties, if they have just been born, would still be blind, drinking their mothers milk, all four legs sprawled out and their eyes still closed. Adorable little things. I wonder what colour(s) they are. I want to see their blue eyes. Ah, I don't know, I find it so comforting :) Haha

Or maybe its a rat, or a bat up there. But then again, rats and bats don't go MEOW. So. Haha. Or maybe I heard the meowing from outside, not from above my room. I don't know. Whatever it is, I'll stick to my theory, because I'll admit, I quite like the idea of having a cat and kittens in my ceiling :D

I will miss them when they go.

Oh and yes, seeing as I heard three little meows, I'm just going to ASSUME that there are four little kitties. haha. So I've named them. One's Bob, the other one is Earl and the other one is Daisy and the other other one is Sage. The mama cat's name is Joyah :)

Adios ;)