Friday, July 31, 2009

Troubled Felix

Betapa malasnya mahu menghadapi peperiksaan yang digelar peperiksaan paling penting kerana peperiksaan yang sungguh menyakiti minda ini ialah penentu ke arah kemerdekaan... eh, ke arah kejayaan, jika mendapati keputusan yang cukup memuaskan. Dasawarsa ini lantaran terlalu dihidangkan dengan perkembangan negara yang gah di persada dunia, namun kita acapkali terserentak dengan masalah pelajar yang masih tidak sedar bahawa mereka akan menghadapi SPM dalam masa 110 hari; dan mengira (and counting). Pelajar-pelajar ini masih lagi berada dalam dunia sendiri dan gemar membuang masa dengan melakukan aktiviti yang tidak berfaedah seperti menyanyi dan berangan sepanjang masa. Ini merupakan puncanya jerawat seringkali didapati tumbuh di atas permukaan kulit. Seperti mana yang kita tahu masa yang digunakan dengan tidak bijak itu sepatutnya digunakan dengan bijak; dengan mengulangkaji.

Mari kita mengambil contoh, Peon Meon, seorang pelajar Tingkatan 5 yang menuntut ilmu di Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tengah Jalan Pusat Manusia Biskut Lembik, telah mangaku bahawa dia tidak minat menuntut ilmu. Peon Meon telah mengatakan bahawa beliau lebih gemar bermain guitar dan melakukan aktiviti yang dikenali sebagai 'headbanging' oleh remaja yang mengejar kehidupan moden pada era pascaglobalisasi ini, mengikut rentak muzik rock kegemarannya. Inilah punca masalah yang negara kita sedang menghadapi pada masa ini. Remaja yang tidak mempunyai keinginan untuk menuntut ilmu supaya mereka akan berjaya dalam kehidupan dan mendapat gaji yang sangat banyak pada masa depan? Tidak semestinya. Ada remaja yang tidak perlu belajar. Minda mereka terlalu kreatif untuk pembelajaran biasa. Ada pelajar yang mempunyai pelan tindakan sendiri untuk berdansa sepanjang perjalanan ke arah kejayaan. Ini semua bergantung pada individu dan perkara yang mereka ingin melakukan pada masa depan.

Apa aku merepek pun tak tau la. Haih. :)
BM sangatlah senang :)

I think I'll stick to English.
I'm working on it!!!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Epitome

I've just been thinking about how the world is just wanting to be futuristic too soon.

I was watching this documentary on Discvory Channel about Egypt's Lost Queen Hatshepsut. She was one of the most powerful female pharaoh's to ever rule Ancient Egypt. 18th dynasty.

So this man, the archaeologist in Egypt, I think his name is Zahi if my memory serves me well, he's been looking for Queen Hatshepsut's mummy for quite some time now. I didn't finish watching the show because I was tired :P so I'm not sure if he's found it or not. Anyhow, that's not my point.
So the documentary showed the whole process of finding this lost queen's mummy, and how they had to go 35 feet underground; into tombs dug by ancient egyptian priests in the middle of the night- only God knows how they pulled that off. And it showed how this archaeologist, went to the museum to check the log book that has entries dated way back in the 19th century; this log book has all the entries to do with mummies that have been diascovered. So his attention was drawn to these two mummies; unidentified Woman A and Woman B. So he went to find them in the museum and had them scanned so he could determine if they were Hatshepsut's relatives and what not. The machine that they used to scan the mummies can portray 3D images on a screen of the mummy. Now this is what triggered my thought.

The world is catapulting at high speed, into a vast, technologically dependant state. I mean, there's all this talk about new technologies that can do this and do that. Make life easier for man.

I bet you, there'll be a point where we don't even need to dig things up to find out about life that existed centuries before us. All we'll need at that point in time is a small device that can penetrate hundreds of feet into the ground and can allow us to see whats beneath the ground we walk on. Also, every single piece of information that we want to know, will be in the computer. Books will no longer be of need to anyone. They'll have these visual books programed into computers for our pleasure and all the books in this world will be labeled
'The Ancient Way of Becoming Knowledgeable.'

One question.

Where is the fun it that?

Okay, maybe two questions.

Where is the excitement in that?

It's just scary to think that man won't have to do anything. They just have to press a button and everything will be done for them. You have to admit, the world is going there. What with all the new technological gadgets emerging. You can even have your phone talk to you and tell you where you're going now for goodness sake. We dont need road signs anymore. Haha.

Yes, I know, the technology today renders precise, accurate and very detailed results and answers. But I honestly think this is where it should stop. Of course, it is inevitable and ineluctable for man to stop inventing new ways to make man's life as easy as it can get, but I do hope it doesn't go any further.

Although I would love to take a fly in a flying car whenever that happens to be of use by preponderance. I swear the tyre companies are feeling the pressure right now :P

But medical technology can go on improving as much as it needs to, it contributes to saving humanity right? So, no worries about that.

So there you are.

I believe, that even though at this point in time the world isn't nirvanic, this modern era is the highest point that the world should get to; the epitome.


Friday, July 24, 2009


I won my first TROPHYYYY!!! -- for Lontar Peluru or as I say; Cannonball Throwing :D (5.6 meters!!!

At the age of seventeen.
And boy am I excited :D

I want to do it again but unfortunately it's too late. Ahhh, my fault. Oh well. Dum Diddly :)

Loving it :D

Friday, July 10, 2009




I miss blogging.

But I have nothing to blog about.


As Tigger would say, TTFN