Friday, July 29, 2011

Say what?!

Can you believe it's almost August?


Sugar and Baking Powder

You might think this post will probably be about muffins. Or a cake.

You think wrong man.

The above mentioned sugar and baking powder are actually cockroach killers, when combined.

I had half a mind to actually try this method out. They say the sugar attracts it and the baking powder makes it suffer a slow and painful death. There were two reasons I didn't try it out:

1. Slow and painful=not good. As much as I hate cockroaches, I wouldn't kill them slowly. Painfully, maybe. But quick you know? No suffering. Like smack it with a shoe maybe.

2. I didn't want it to die slowly. I needed it to begone! immediately. Dying slowly=more spending time scurrying about in my room and a 45% chance of it crawling up on my bed and crawling up my nose in my sleep, and another 55% chance of it making a home in between my folded clothes in the cupboard.

So yeah.

Tell you what, I woke up to go get water at like 1 am, and I switched on the lights and there it was. It scurried across the room in front of my legs and I was like ' That is so disgusting' while moving away very fast. It then crawled onto my curtain. So, I opened the door and wondered whether I should go get help.

"No Keisha. You can do this!"

So, high heel in one hand, lavender vanilla comfort air freshener in the other hand (it was the closest to Ridsect I could find at that moment man, get off my case) I was ready for war. But I lost the cockroach, it went somewhere behind the curtain that I couldn't see.

So, Plan B: Jump on bed and start throwing stuff at curtain.

Items thrown:
1. 3 balls of socks.
2. Heart shaped pillow.
3. Ball of paper.
4. Scissors.

Items successfully thrown to make cockroach run out and become sitting duck:

So, I sat plonked on my bed for a good 15 minutes waiting for it to come out so I could kill it.
I didn't show, the coward. XP

I wasn't going to have a cockroach in my nose while I was sleeping, nuh-uh.
So I made the decision to sleep in a vacant room in my house... in which the air-cond is broken.

Sanggup kot. Geli.

So anyway, my mom sprayed my room like crazy for me last night. And it still didn't come out.
But, I slept in my room last night and no cockroach invaded my nostril, so all's good.

Found it dead on the stairs this morning though. And yes, it is the same cockroach, I know it is! Don't you dare tell me otherwise.

Well I've just come back from work. My room smells like mothballs.
But, I don't mind, so long as the cockroach leaves me the hell alone.