Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Nah, I don't really mind staying here.
It's just it's the first time staying back at college for a weekend since Matriks started.
So yeah, big deal.
At the end of next week, I have a story to tell my grandchildren.

" Hangpa tau tak?"
"Apa nek?"
"Nenek ni, dulu pi belejaq kat kolej matrikulasi selangor tau, dekat Banting."
"Oh ye ke nek?"
"Haaaa. Ada satu kali tu, nek tak boleh balik hujung minggu."
"Kenapa nek?"
" Ada larian KAKOM."
"Larian KAKOM tu ape nek?"
"Tak tau lah. Nek pun dah lupa, tapi takpalah, nek nak cerita ni. Nek tak balik ghumah dua minggu!!! Lama tu!"
" Fuish. Dua minggu nek? TERRRRORRR lah nek!!!"

Huge smile spreads across old nenek's face, she's glad her grandchildren thinks she's awesome :D

Boy was this post lame -_- "


Can't. Go. Home. This. Week.


Larian KAKOM,
WHY ??


Friday, June 25, 2010


Again, :D

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tak Sengaja.

Sengaja sebenarnya.
Mouse aku baruuu je landing atas semut yang tak bersalah. Reflex.
Kesiannnn Encik Mut.

Aku duduk kat tingkat 3, semut ada, lalat pun boleh sampai atas tu. Tak penat ke dorang? Agak tinggi lah kan tingkat 3 tu. Mestilah penat, tu la sebabnya kerja dorang lepak kat bilik aku. Dah penat kan mendaki gunung everest, lepak ah kat puncak. View best, makanan belambak. Bila hujan plak, kelkatu nak dekat seribu kot datang terbang2 dekat dalam toilet la, koridor la. Pastu bila terbang dalam bilik, aku cepat2 tutup lampu so dia terbang kat roommate aku punya seksyen hahha :D Pastu nanti dia terbang, terkena fan, dengarlah bunyi "tiungggg" pastu nampak dia terplanting kat sebelah sana pastu dlm keadaan mabuk cuba terbang balik kepada cahaya lampu roommate sebelahku.

Kat koridor, ada satu labah2 yang bontotnya warna ke-silver-an. Suka tengok, kadang2 macam ada deimon deimon (diamond) kat bontot dia tu, bulat, comel je. Tapi bila angin kuat, sarang dia pun dah mula berhayun hayun, lintang pukang lari balik bilik.
Praying mantis apa dalam BM? Mentadak eh? Haaa, tu dah jumpa warna hitam belegam satu, dan warna hijau daun satu.

Tambahan pula, toilet2 di asrama ni, boleh buat Zoo Serangga.
Serangga jenis apa kau nak tengok? Semuaaaa ada.

Belang2 hitam merah, warna cokelat(biasa tgk kan), warna hijau, warna hitam, warna grey, warna oren, besar gila nak mampos, kecik kecik, rupa lipas tapi bukan lipas, rupa kelkatu tapi bukan kelkatu, rupa semut tapi ada macam genetic disorder jd macam mutant lipas campur semut, semua adaaa.

Petang tadi baru nampak kupu-kupu (kot) yang bila dia stop rehat kat dinding, sayap dia flat kat dinding tu, macam muka transformers. Ada satu ni bila dia tak bergerak, rupa macam tengkorak. Ada satu ni, kecik nk mati, warna hijau, macam lipas KECIKKKKK tapi bukan lipas, boleh terbang, bila dia gigit, adoiii...tensen. Dan bukan satu sahaja yang datang untuk menjamu selera, die pg jemput satu kampung dia datang makan. Sakit dan gatal. Ngok ngek tol.

Tapi kan, bila dah mandi diteman beratus serangga setiap pagi, aku dah tak takotttt. Terroorr kan :D

Tapi, lipas. YEEEEEEEEESH. Tadi nampak satu BESARRR punya lipas, tapi dia lain skit. Kaki dia lagi berduri, macam keras punya duri, dan lagi panjang. Badan lagi nipis. Warna teh o. hahaaa :P Yuck. EEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEE. Yech.

So, jika berminat, jemput datang ke Zoo Serangga, Tandas Asrama Vega :)
Ada 16 habitat. Masuklah satu2 untuk melihat serangga2 yang disebut di atas.

Oh dan p/s, kat tepi aku skrg ni, ada satu labah2 mati, kering kedontang dah. hahaaaa.

Woohooo! :D Seronoks!

The Harmony Silk Factory

Reading this book has required me to open my dictionary more times than I have ever opened a dictionary in my entire life. (Exaggerating, yes.)

But I think that's why I liked it so much. I didn't even know half of those words existed. And those words were formal, and sort of posh, which I think fit the novel perfectly because of the era it was set in. It's set in during and post WWII in Malaya by the way. The story is written through three perspectives of the notorious Johnny Lim's life, from Jasper's (son of Johnny) point of view, Snow's (Johnny's wife) point of view, and finally Peter's (Johnny's good friend) point of view. My favourite at first, was Snow's but as I read further I found Peter's side of the story more satisfying to read, as he explained the things that I was wondering about in earlier stages of the book. I think that's Tash Aw's way of writing too, he doesn't reaveal everything at the start in this book, he lets you wonder and wonder, and all of a sudden something happens, or someone comes into the picture and you find yourself re-reading previous pages to figure out what you'd missed, when in truth you didn't miss anything and it's just that frustration and curiosity that keeps your eyes glued until finally,

"Yeahhhh! I knew it!!"

"Ohhh! So that's who he was!".
or just plain old
"Oh My God!"

I like the way he described the setting, especially when he described it from an Englishman's view, because everything seemed so exotic, so warm and so vivid.

My mother didn't like this book because she felt it was a bit draggy, so when I wanted to read it I did have my doubts, but I really did enjoy it :) Good good read.

Well, for me at least.

Next on my 'to read' list, is another book by Tash Aw, Map of the Invisible World.

I'll let you know what it's like :)

Woohoo Tash Aw!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


With hurried strokes, she stained the paper before her a deep ultramarine. Just as the paint began to sink into the paper, she added whisps of white, rough yet somewhat undulating against the blue background. She stood back and looked at her barely finished "work of art" ( she wondered if it even deserved such a title) and found that it reminded her of a microcosm of all things calm. The sea, the froth of gentle waves diving into the water, the morning mist, the sky, the clouds...

Someone fascinated with the subtleties in life would detest this particular painting of hers, as it had none to notice. But she couldn't care less. As long as it remained the way it was, half-empty so that she could leave the rest of the painting to her imagination. Today, she filled the empty space with fecund land, flowers emerging from it as blooming bursts of colours and warmth. She imagined herself swinging her arms with frivolity in the multicoloured meadow. Her lips spread into a small smile as she opened her eyes. She turned around and left the room, looking at the painting just before it disappeared behind the closing door, anticipating what would be in store the day after.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Vegabooms

You two rock!
Never in a million years, I swore to myself, that I would watch or laugh or cry at a korean drama, neither listen to korean songs. That is literally impossible when you're friends with Nadzirah. Not only did you make me memorize the names of the group members of DBSK, (which I previously called DBKL, honest) but you made me laugh hysterically at them while on a game show. I will never ever forget Dragon Fire Ball or whatever it is. Haha, though I still don't LIKE korean media, you did succeed in making me see that they aren't that lame :P

Miss Ahda Nadzirah, and Miss Nor Zaity, you guys made the first few weeks of KMS bearable! The fact that you were just a few doors away from me was amazing. Though that may not be the case now, wherever we are in Vega, we're still Vegabooms! :P You guys are great to be around, to talk to and to have a good laugh with. May we be friends for a long time to come! :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

So so.

Long time no update, I know.

I just have no mood to write anything.

College is good, getter easier to be there day after day.

Coming home is great, I swear my air conditioner misses me tonnes :) And I believe so does my little brother, maybe justttt a little if not a lot :)
I MISS my parents, therefore seeing their lovely faces every Friday after lectures finish makes my heart do cartwheels. So good to hear them around me. Amazing feeling to be where you know you're okay, with family.

Life, at the moment, it's fast. Really fast.
So I guess my duty for the next 10 months, is just to keep a steady pace.

I'm tired, but I'm dealing.

"You don't miss your water 'till the well runs dry."