Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Words of Wisdom? Maybe?

Engineering Alumni: (shouting into microphone to 2000 students) You have to study! Study like SHIT!


EA: (still shouting) Study like HELL!

Haha, that's extremely true okay :) It was so hilarious.



Ahaa :)

Wonderful month.
The month before a special month. x)
The special month for Sarah dear :) and her lil sistah.
Weehoo :)

Today was tiring.
Surprised me mommeh by telling her I wasn't coming home because I had a lot of work to do, only to show up at the front door some three minutes later with a huge grin on my face. :D
She was expecting my uncle and aunt, not moi.
And this was how I was greeted:
"Assalamualaikummm...(*shocked blank face* *processing*)"
and then
Hahaaa, veryyyyy funnay :D

Thank you darlin Aisy for sending me home :) Love you to bits.

University life is alright I suppose. I come home ALOT so it doesn't feel too university-y.
Later on perhaps, when I have lots of work to do and can't come home often? Maybe then it'll sink in. Other than that its just amazing to actually be in university. I feel so big. :P
Had my induction at the faculty the whole of the past weekend. Tiring but very awesome I have to admit. Wasn't of dire importance, but it was to "officiate" our becoming Engineering students. Officiate here, means to fully and completely cover us in flour. Yes, tepung. We were lined up and dusted, nay, sprinkled, nay, showered with paper plates of flour.
Cool stuff.

Well, bring me awesomeness October, will you ?