Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Surrealistic Reality

I've always enjoyed imagination. I consider it my companion when certain times come that are of boring nature, or when times the mind tuning out is the preferred option (i.e. in boring lectures).

After finishing a class one day, a friend and I decided to have a seat in the foyer of the faculty before we had to enter another mundane moral obligation ( I am actually talking about attending class here, I know, exaggeration, which I am known for. Allow me to remind you that you do know this, I've told you a million times, pun intended).

I looked to my left and there it was. Surrealism, mid-morning, staring at me right in the face. Blatant, bleak and other-worldly.

My faculty is on the 10th to 12th floor of a tower. And the foyer on the 11th floor has a balcony, from which one is able to view a few sections of Shah Alam and also a little bit of Klang. But looking at the gaping hole from a distance, and also from a point where there was little light, that hole was completely white and bright. I felt like I was thrown into a futuristic movie, or that the faculty had somehow floated into a thick dense cloud. On second thought, I recall feeling like we were at the edge of the world. Because you couldn't see ANYTHING, behind the brightness. It had this effect on my sight, that made everything else around me dimmer, as if it was shining even brighter. It was, eerie, to say the least.

For a split second, I actually second guessed reality. I had to look into the bleakness and convince myself that I was not in a dream. What assured me that I wasn't, was the fact that I could see everyones faces clearly. Normally in dreams faces are blurry, as pointed out by Aisyah a few years back.

Without taking my eyes away from the white, I said to my friend "When I look at that I feel like I'm in a dream, it's a very surreal feeling". And he looked followed my gaze and said "Yeah, I get why you feel that way." I also decided to take a picture of it; a decision that I think was awesome now.

After that I blocked out until we had to go to class.

Call me crazy, but for some bizarre reason I cannot forget that sight and the feeling it gave me.
When you see the picture of what I saw (which absolutely exactly depicts the way I saw it), I don't know what you're going to think. But, hopefully you'll understand my point of view, and see past the obvious. I honestly felt, different for those few seconds. Maybe my imagination runs too wild, but one thing I know is that I'll never forget it.





Do you see it? I still do. Haha