Monday, January 14, 2013

Revamp and Rewind.

I have given the old blog a new haircut, after contemplating for so long about what to do to make it more expressive

The background is the only form of doodling that naturally results when I hold a pen to paper. When I doodle, you'll know it, because there will always be this doodle of swirls and paisley bubbles with some indian henna art accents here and there. I'll do a compilation of all the doodles I've done to show you that every single time I hold a pen, this pattern ends up on my paper somehow. I suppose it's muscle memory now. This should honestly be my signature. Although the doodle isn't that great, I agree it is a little messy. I decided to just wing it, and honestly it feels like its very me when I look at it, and I'm happy with it regardless. Here's what it looks like, the 10 minute doodle:

Drawn on the iPad with Paper53, edited with Phoster

The pastels are my favourite colours. I have a bracelet on my wrist of the same colours; baby green and coral-y salmon-y pink, with a hint of grey. The combination of turquoise-ish and peach-ish shades have been an obsession for a long time now, after I got over gold and black. So I decided to incorporate that on here to make it soothing for my eyes to see too. We'll see what colour combo I fancy later on.

Also, I promised a little update on my yearlong project Project Life which I mentioned in my previous blog post. And so, here it is :)

Week 1 : Project Life
So that's an entire week in a picture for you.

From Left: A cake I baked on new year's day, text card of what I did on 2/1, screen shot of a funny conversation on 3/1, impromptu meeting with lovelies on 4/1, going to get the car washed on 5/1 and the first (and extremely hard) final exam on 6/1. I didn't have an extra frame to show you 7/1, but that was just filled with staying at home and playing Clay Jam, so no worries. Haha.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you're probably thinking..."Why, what mundane, meaningless pictures she's taking."

The only reason why I'm doing this is I find myself constantly telling myself to try and remember every moment when I'm experiencing it. Why? Because I don't remember a whole lot about my childhood, and it's sad to look at pictures of myself when I was younger and not be able to remember.

So, by taking a picture daily, I'm physically forcing myself to make a memory and document it, and it's an indistinct way of me strengthening my memory as well, haha. But what I have found though, is that just by looking at a single picture, I can remember what I did the most of day on the day the picture was taken. I hope this continues further on into the project, as I've always wanted a good memory!

As of now, I'm collecting the photos on my iPad, and am planning to print them all out and make a photo journal if you will, so it's more sentimental. :)

Well then, hasn't this been the over-zealous attempt at blogging from an infrequent blog updater? 
Twice in one day..after how long?

I forget how much I love blogging. 

Here's to rediscovering old loves, and creating new memories. 

Your friendly neighbourhood K.

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